More Than A Floor


Flooring in every space of your home or business has heavy lifting to do as it needs to complement your design and withstand the rigors of life. To make sure your floor meets your needs, it's important to consider these points when choosing a surface.


Where will the floor be located — a laundry, basement, bathroom, kitchen, dining area, foyer, gathering room, mudroom, pool house or another space? Each one of these areas has requirements needed to optimally perform for many years.


For just about every type of design preference, there is flooring to achieve the aesthetic. Perhaps the aesthetic is calling for the warm look of wood or tile that replicates wood. Maybe the durability of vinyl plank flooring or the timeless charm and longevity of stone or tile are intriguing. Combine these offerings with an almost infinite color palette and there is sure to be a flooring option to make each area a design statement.

Other Considerations

Eco Friendly

In addition to your flooring choice having such factors for consideration as performance and aesthetic, perhaps you would like the flooring to have an eco-friendly component as well. Today, the flooring industry has many surface options that consider the footprint on the environment. Flooring that uses recycled content, or uses responsibly grown, renewable materials such as bamboo, cork or hardwood, can allow for a great surface while giving a nod to Mother Nature.


Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are used in many industries, especially for paints, stains and manufacturing of many components in and around a home. Some flooring options that have low to no VOC content are tile, polished concrete and prefinished flooring.

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