Letter To The Editor: Reform HOA Laws Now


Congratulations to the 2019 Maryland General Assembly members and 2019 Anne Arundel County Council members. A lot of things need fixing in Maryland and so does the need for overhauling, supplementing and reforming laws pertaining to homeowner associations, condominium associations and their management companies that operate in Maryland. It is hard to believe that there appears to be no Maryland state licensing requirements for homeowner or condominium associations. Better laws and regulations by some sort of government agency may be needed for oversight purposes when homeowner associations (HOA) want to create, amend or change HOA bylaws and policies and handle HOA funds.

In past years, many people have supported Maryland to license HOA and condo associations, but no bills or laws were passed yet to enact it. Currently, thousands of Maryland homeowners, and more to come, are affected by a homeowner and or condo association. Many of these associations collect and manage money and they are involved with their community covenants, restrictions, bylaws, amendments and policies, which many times leads to nasty disputes between them and their homeowners. Perhaps more government agencies may be needed to assure that homeowner and condominium associations are being fair and reasonable with their homeowners. Homeowner associations and condominium associations should not be outrageously and extremely punishing or bullying their homeowners. Homeowner and condo association managers and or board of directors should not abusing their powers as some sort of personal vendetta against a homeowner. Currently, I am suing a homeowner association, and the case is pending a court outcome.

I cannot alone get the Maryland state and local county government agencies to pass laws, so I am hereby asking you, the public, to help with this matter by contacting your elected government officials to support, introduce, and pass bills and laws to better regulate homeowner and condominium associations and their management companies.

Bill Lambros


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