Voters’ Guide: Congress, District 3


The Primary Election is here. Marylanders can participate in early voting May 2-9 or vote on Election Day, May 14. For more information on how to vote, visit

The League of Women Voters has published its Voters’ Guide to educate the public about each political candidate’s qualifications and plans for office. Below is an abbreviated preview of candidate responses for representative in Congress, District 3.

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How does your experience prepare you for the duties of United States representative?


Mark Chang
As a lifelong resident of the U.S. Congressional District 3, I know firsthand the needs of our diverse communities. As a son of immigrants, my personal experiences of being underrepresented and economically disadvantaged have instilled in me the passion to fight for justice in my public service career. As vice chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, I have a strong record of protecting women's health, building a more inclusive economy, and investing in our education system.

Michael Coburn
The candidate has not yet responded.

Malcolm Colombo
While I am not traditionally experienced in government relations, I am confident that my experience as a structural engineer will bring the necessary problem-solving and critical thinking that will be crucial to Congress. I am also confident in my ideals and will ensure that they will always be put at the forefront of any action that I take.

Abigail Diehl
The candidate has not yet responded.

Juan Dominguez
I am a first-generation Cuban American, husband, father, Gulf War combat veteran, and business leader who can bring people together from all walks of life to deliver real, lasting results that matter most. I have proven time and time again, through my military experience, professional career, and community service, that I am prepared to advocate for all, including the most vulnerable. My entire life has been about service, and it would be the honor of a lifetime to serve my community in Congress.

Lindsay Donahue
I do not have prior political experience. However, in my current job, I am a director for our managed services group. I make business decisions, prepare annual budgets, scope pricing proposals, and manage personnel hiring, mentoring, keeping people accountable and having hard discussions when needed. I work with several different customers, customer types, and C-level executives across our industry.

Harry Dunn
I am a lifelong public servant. I spent more than 15 years in the Capitol Police, protecting and learning the institution I now hope to serve in. I will go to Congress to be the voice of the people that sent me there. On January 6, 2021, I experienced the threat to democracy firsthand. I’m uniquely placed to fight against them, protect our rights, and preserve our democracy.

Sarah Elfreth
I serve in the Maryland Senate, where I passed 84 bills in my first five years, and I chair a budget subcommittee that oversees tens of billions of dollars of investments in transportation, public safety, and the environment. I earned endorsements from the National Education Association, International Association of Fire Fighters, League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, and more than two dozen current and former elected officials who know I am the best prepared to represent our community in Congress.

Mark Gosnell
I am the director of a medical intensive care unit in Baltimore who has adapted to shortcomings in our health care system long enough. I'm turning my anger into action. I use consultants in my work as I would in Congress to enact a vision of universal health care, preserved reproductive rights and gun control. I’m not a career politician with any other agenda or special interest influence.

Terri Hill
As a physician and legislator, I listen to complaints, identify causes and collaborate on solutions. I’ve been a district resident for over 50 years, practiced here more than 30, and represented its residents in Annapolis for nearly 10. Congress is broken. That puts our communities and families at risk. I understand the urgency of the moment and am committed to upholding our values and ensuring that congressional actions do not erode our rights or the prospects for our well-being and success.

Aisha Khan
The candidate has not yet responded.

Clarence Lam
Over the last nine years, I've served in the Maryland General Assembly — first as a state delegate and now as a state senator. Throughout that time, I've sponsored and supported a multitude of bills on abortion, public health, the environment and education, among others. My experience in public office has shown me the importance of working collaboratively with my colleagues to pass commonsense solutions that benefit the most people. It's this same work ethic that I would bring to Congress.

Matt Libber
The candidate has not yet responded.

Kristin Lyman Nabors
Eight years as a nurse demands active listening skills and unfailing loyalty to cooperation and patient safety. Patient and family buy-ins to care plans equals colleague and constituent buy-in to legislation. Two more analogies between registered nurses (RNs) and reps: the privilege of assisting diverse populations. Both roles are service roles; nurses always remember that. A difference? A 2023 Gallup poll states 78% of Americans rate RNs as having "very high/high" ethical and honesty standards as compared with 8% of Congress.

John Morse III
I have extensive experience crafting legislation to amplify the voices of people I represent. My job for over a decade was listening to union members and taking their priorities to the U.S. Congress to codify their needs into law so that they wouldn't have to negotiate what we can legislate. I know what it means to listen to all voices and to stand up for what's right based on the people I represent.

Jake Pretot
I served in the Army for six years, (have been a) small-business owner since 2004, provide contract support for an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency budgeting system which manages a $12 billion budget, served on my community homeowners association board for 12 years, and have a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science. I believe my troubleshooting capability and systematic approach, combined with my ability to bring people together to solve difficult problems, makes me the right person to represent you in Congress.

Don Quinn
As a civil rights and employment attorney, I negotiate for workers' rights and find common ground with people who are paid to oppose me. As a litigator, I work to change federal law through the court system. Federal court cases take years, and I am skilled at winning the battle of inches to make incremental change. This ability to find common ground and make incremental change will make me an effective representative. As a combat veteran, I also bring defense and foreign policy insight.

Mike Rogers
My 30-plus years of service in the United States Army, coupled with my service as a delegate in the Maryland state legislature, have prepared me to hit the ground running from day one as the congressional representative for Maryland's third district, the community I am proud to call home.

Danny Rupli
My richest experience for success is coming within a few points of defeating an incumbent congressman in District 6 in 1976 due to my overwhelming victory in Howard County, which was then in that district.

Gary Schuman
I have degrees in political science, communication, English and journalism. I managed political campaigns. I ran the district office for State Assemblyman Arthur Cooperman. I understand the workings of a legislature and the importance of constituent services. My columns and articles have appeared locally in the Mid-Atlantic Media magazines. I have business experience and extensive health care expertise. I do pet rescue, feed the homeless and have inspired others to do the same.

Stewart Silver
I am an undergraduate student at Towson University, studying political science; a graduate of Ellsworth High School in 1979; and have voted in every election since 1980. As a creative problem-solver, I am the CEO/CFO of Plumb Puzzles INK, drop shipping packages of Lewiston Strong wristbands to Lewiston High School. I would propose multiple solutions first to the constituents of Maryland District 3, then to Maryland's delegation House colleagues and the U.S. public at large.

Jeff Woodard
I have served as a campaign manager for over 30 campaigns and served in many governmental positions. My educational background has prepared me well for the rigors of the job.


Arthur Baker Jr.
I am a native Marylander living here for 52 years and in Ellicott City for 26 years. I love Maryland. My professional life has been dedicated to law enforcement. I am an attorney, a retired FBI agent (30-plus years), and a former Baltimore County police officer. I held senior positions on Capitol Hill (seven years), on both the House and the Senate Judiciary Committees. I was responsible for significant legislation from drafting language to the passage of what became law. I will represent you from day one!

Ray Bly
Strong work ethics from poverty to five years of college. I ran two businesses for 45 years (and am) a Vietnam combat veteran.

Berney Flowers
I am a husband, a father, a grandfather. I deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine before retiring from the U.S. Air Force. After private industry work, I served at the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security, where I helped resettle Afghans, Haitian refugees, and undocumented migrants in defense of the U.S. southwest border. Maryland’s governor appointed me to the District 9 Judicial Nominating Commission, Howard County, Maryland. I am the most qualified candidate in this race.

Thomas “Pinkston” Harris
The candidate has not yet responded.

Jordan Mayo
I have three main roles in life - mother, wife and real estate professional. While I have an extensive background in work and education, who I am on a day-to-day basis is my reason for running. As a toddler mother, I am well trained in negotiations and keeping a level head in high pressure situations. As a military spouse, I have a deep understanding of the reform that Department of Defense families need, and as a real estate professional, I know firsthand just how broken this market is and exactly how to fix it.

Naveed Mian
The candidate has not yet responded.

Joshua Morales
I am here to represent an unheard voice of my district. My upbringing would have better prepared me for a life within the correctional facility than as a member of Congress. I believe that my ability to overcome an environment riddled with poverty, addiction and crime has allowed me to advocate for individuals in my district facing the same challenges I endured. I understand their concerns and interests, and I will vote on legislation that will have a positive impact on their lives.

John Rea
The candidate has not yet responded.

Robert Steinberger
I have successfully served as an executive leader in business and legal positions at an array of companies, including the biggest in the world (Walmart), as well as small start-ups. Focused primarily on strategic planning, finance and operations on the business side and corporate legal support on the legal side. I understand budgeting and financial and strategic planning. My legal background will serve me well in the House as well (admitted in New York, Connecticut and Maryland).


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