Letter To The Editor: Music Matters


I’m a 10th-grader at SPHS who’s very involved in the music program. As the students were informed last Friday, a number of classes from areas such as classical languages, musical education and others are no longer offered at school, which I believe is a mistake. The arts are essential to the education and well-roundedness of our community.

That’s why, as percussionists, my friends and I are fighting to reinstate percussion class at our school. In this class, we are offered opportunities to grow as both musicians and citizens of our community. This Saturday, we scored the highest possible grade in a countywide competition and will continue to represent Severna Park at the state level. It leaves me heartbroken to know that our school is willing to sacrifice this wonderful program that has allowed so much talent to flourish and friendships to form. As a result of the percussion program’s termination, many skilled musicians with bright futures plan to end their musical career altogether.

The percussion community has made a petition to show the school that our arts programs matter. We intend to use this to show the community’s value not only of percussion class but also of the arts program as a whole. I’ve included a link to the petition below and believe that coverage on our cause would go a long way toward spreading the word, and assisting in making sure that the arts remain in our school. You can read more about our fight at the link below. Thank you for your consideration!


Sydney Astle
Severna Park


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