After 30 Years, Side Street Framers Continues To Evolve


You never know what you’re going to find when you walk into Side Street Framers & gift gallery.

Now 30 years into business, the store has gone through many evolutions — and is continuing to evolve.

“We’re constantly evolving. We’re never still,” said co-owner Barbara Daniels.

The store’s first evolution was offering shadowbox framing, which no one else was doing at the time.

“We started doing it because it was very interesting and became the experts in the area,” Daniels said. “We got a reputation, and we’ve framed for people all over the country because of it.”

Another evolution was beginning to frame more unique items as opposed to only pictures. Over the years, Side Street Framers has framed whale eardrums, Elvis Presley’s scarf and a Naval Academy sword.

“We end up framing things that other people don’t want to frame,” said Dawn Wilson, Side Street co-owner and Daniels’ daughter. “They say no, but we never say no. We frame everything.”

To keep up with the changing times, Side Street Framers started offering media transfer services. Whether you want to turn an old VHS tape into a DVD or restore old photos, Side Street can offer assistance.

About 15 years ago, Side Street added handcrafted gift items to its inventory.

“Everybody can buy the same pocketbook or the same necklace, everybody can have the same thing,” Daniels said. “When you come in here, you get something unique and different and everybody does not have it.”

Now, to continue its evolutions, the store is adding a new department: tea and honey.

“[My family has] been on this big health mission, and it’s really helped a lot,” Wilson said. “We’re going to add a whole little department of some of these little treasures we find. We’re trying to focus a little bit on all aspects of life.”

Wilson helped drive the Shop Local movement in Severna Park. The idea resonated with her because of how much local stores give back to the community.

“In order for people like us to be able to do that, you need to also shop in those local stores so they can give back,” Daniels said. “If nobody shops in locally owned stores, how would they give back? It comes full circle.”

Side Street Framers & gift gallery gives back to the local schools and provides auction items for many community events.

“It makes the community so unique when you have individual stores that are different,” Wilson said. “It makes the whole community healthier, stronger, a better place to live and play.”


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