Guardian Gutters Protects An Important Asset For Homeowners


Joshua Hahn doesn’t want homeowners to throw their money in the gutter.

After spending 10 years in the home improvement industry and then helping small businesses grow and scale, he started his own company, Guardian Gutters, to help people care for an often-overlooked aspect of their homes.

“For gutters, there is a tremendous need,” said Hahn, who grew up in Severna Park. “A lot of companies sell gutters. There are not a lot of companies that care about selling gutters.”

Hahn focuses on each homeowner’s needs and not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead of selling gutters as part of a larger operation with other priorities, Guardian Gutters specializes in everything gutters: replacement, repair, cleaning and gutter guards. The maintenance-free systems come in 5-inch to 6-inch sizes with various protection options.

Not only do gutters improve a home’s curb appeal, but they serve an important function, one that served as an inspiration when Hahn named his business.

“Gutters are really the guardians of the home in the sense of protecting the home from water damage,” he said. “Gutters are designed to protect water from getting close to the foundation.”

Whether they need to remove leaves, debris and other obstructions or replace gutters entirely, the team at Guardian Gutters wants to ensure that rainwater flows freely away from the home. They also want to make the process as simple as possible, providing quality service with no hidden fees.

“I hear from a lot of people that the home improvement industry makes it difficult for homeowners,” Hahn said. “Someone comes out and they do an assessment, and they say they will give a quote, and then days go by, and the homeowner is asking for the quote and they are told, ‘This other company is going to call.’ With gutters, it’s quick and efficient.”

Even if replacement gutters are needed, the style and colors are simple, so the process is straightforward. But that does not mean that anyone can do the job.

“If the right solution isn’t offered, it will overflow,” Hahn said, noting that the climate also affects the type of materials that should be used. “You can’t just use the same products in each area. It should be custom, per area and per weather pattern.”

“Guards fall apart depending on where you put them,” he said. “People are told they have a lifetime warranty, but if you read the fine print, it says the warranty does not cover damage from the climate. Here, we have really hot summers. Anything with plastic falls apart.”

Hahn’s team uses LeafBlasterPro gutter guards, which are “only aluminum, with no plastic or binding agents,” he said.

With skilled professionals, quality craftsmanship, and prompt and reliable service, Guardian Gutters wants to ensure that Anne Arundel County residents have gutters that function flawlessly year-round.

Hahn’s goal is to expand to surrounding areas but keep his focus on Anne Arundel County.

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