Youth Enjoy Annual Round Bay Boat Race


It’s a Round Bay tradition — each year, kids congregate at the community beach and build boats out of cardboard and duct tape. Then they race.

This year’s event was held July 15. The youth work in teams, but only one person can race the boat while equipped with a kayak paddle.

When asked about the rules, boat race veteran Jackson Kriel said the teams are encouraged to create whatever they imagine.

“We use duct tape and [carboard] to build whatever boat we have in our head,” Kriel said. “To see whose boat goes the farthest and whose boat breaks and whose doesn’t, it’s fun.”

Ten-year-old Addisyn Jung cited balance as her top concern prior to the race.

“We’re duct-taping the whole thing, so it is water-resistant and … we’re going to have things sticking out of it so it’s more stable,” she said. “Otherwise it will capsize.”

Some teams got creative with their designs.

“It’s going to be powered by our feet, so when we kick, there is going to be a giant hole,” said Henry Marriner. “Then I am going to walk on the bottom of the water.”

CJ Griffin steered the winning team’s boat. Having moved to Round Bay just two weeks ago, he is enjoying the proximity to the water. The rising eighth grader was surprised to win his first Round Bay race.

“I did [have a good feeling] until the corner started caving in, so I just had to hold it while I paddled,” he said. “It was really fun, plus I can’t believe I made it past the rocks.”


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