Stage & Screen Studios Premieres “The Point”


Stage & Screen Studios has premiered its newest project, “The Point,” a 10-episode thriller that has received rave reviews and international attention.

“The Point” follows a group of children from a small island, and one special child, Everly, who has the ability to see the future. In the first episode, a group of mean girls hatch a plot to kidnap Everly and use her ability against her. The episode leaves viewers with many questions and the desire to know more.

Pete Garvey, who wrote and directed the show, drew inspiration from the Netflix series “Outer Banks.” He was inspired to write something similar for the students at Stage & Screen.

“One morning, after five weeks of writer's block, it all hit me,” Garvey said. “I got it and I just wrote a 36-page script in about 12 hours.”

He had a script, a plot and all he needed was a cast and crew.

“We put out kind of a gentle invitation for those that might be interested in trying something like this, and I literally thought we'd have five or six people on the cast,” Garvey said. “Eleven signed up immediately, which was fantastic.”

Conventionally, the location is chosen after the script is written, but in this case, Garvey chose his location after visiting his wife’s coworker’s house in Virginia. He wrote the script with this location in mind, and the owner graciously allowed Stage & Screen to use their property.

“We did a couple of rehearsals at the studio, and then off we went in our production motorhome and we did a three-hour drive down to location,” Garvey said. “We did that two weekends in a row.”

The students had the experience of working on an authentic television set complete with boom mics, a full crew and a craft service table.

“It felt nice being on an authentic set because we were using everyday household items,” said Everly Hendricks, who plays Everly. “The view from the pier was incredible. I would very much enjoy being on another real set.”

Hendricks said that being on the set inspired her to be a more professional actress. Playing a sickly clairvoyant made her tired by the end of filming.

Garvey said the cast was, without a doubt, his favorite part of the production.

“One of my favorite things about this whole process is just that these kids love what they're doing,” Garvey said. “They love being involved, and that brings more positive energy.”

The cast was dedicated to their performance. Even after 6:30am call times, long drives to location and hours of shooting, the cast never lost their positive attitude.

“I love how accepting and friendly my crewmates are,” Miller said. “We are all really close and it made the experience so much more exciting being able to work with them.”

“The Point” even has its own soundtrack composed by James J. Kavinski.

“He worked very diligently to bring his mastery and creativity to telling the story through music, and I'm just so thrilled with that,” Garvey said.

The first episode premiered on March 19 with a showing at the studio.

“I enjoyed the premiere because I saw parts of the show that I was not involved in taping, and it was fun seeing my castmates in their scenes,” Hendricks said. “I enjoyed seeing it all put together and edited with the music and graphics. It turned out to be so much better than I could have ever imagined.”

The second episode is currently in production, but fans can look forward to beautiful locations, exciting partnerships, suspense and new characters including the sheriff, played by the voice of BWI Airport’s Jeff Miller, and a dance instructor, played by TikTok star Nick Garvey.

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