SP Resident Publishes “Power Currency”


Fred Lehr has spent his professional career focusing on family dynamics, stress management, spiritual wellness and behavioral science. In October, the Severna Park resident released “Power Currency,” packing his insight into a 150-page book.

The “Power Currency” concepts go beyond traditional self-help guides by first encouraging readers to identify what they actually want, beyond the material things that they are programmed to crave. After that, the person needs to understand the value of their own personal power — their mental, emotional and spiritual portfolio — which needs to be managed properly to grow. Then, the accumulated “power” can be spent on the important things in life.

However, Lehr advised, people have to be careful not to deplete their account because then there's nothing left for time of emergency. “We are all taught as children how to save money in a piggy bank to be used for what we really want, not on impulse purchases or the latest toy,” Lehr said. “The same holds true for personal power. It has to be earned, saved and then spent wisely in order for us to get what we want and need out of life.”

Lehr hopes readers learn how to maintain effective interpersonal relationships in today's world and regain their own power and independence. He has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Susquehanna University, a master’s degree from Lutheran Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Drew University.


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