Seven Ways Hearing Tech Supports Your Active Summer


Today’s hearing technology is about empowerment, keeping you active and in the moment no matter how you enjoy your summer. Here are seven ways to ensure you don’t miss a moment of activity here or abroad.

Loops abound

More and more, public spaces such as theaters, museums and places of worship offer hearing loops, letting you receive audio wirelessly with the T-coil setting on your hearing device. Look for the loop logo at participating venues.

Live for live music

Hearing tech is optimized for human speech, but if you spend your summer listening to — or playing — live music, we can nudge your settings to optimize them for music without compromising how you hear speech.

Geotag it

With many of today’s hearing devices, you can use your smartphone’s app to assign a geographical “bookmark” to your favorite locations (it’s also known as geotagging). For example, if you optimize your hearing aid settings for your favorite restaurant and apply a geotag, every time you return to that restaurant, the app automatically adjusts the settings to your optimized settings.


Confidently move from activity to activity this summer knowing you’ll have all-day hearing aid power — many hearing aid manufacturers now offer rechargeable technology.

AI has arrived

AI — short for artificial intelligence — has revolutionized hearing care. You can monitor your physical and mental well-being with the app. Some select devices and apps even have a translation feature, allowing you to communicate with locals even if you don’t know the native language!

Protect What You’ve Got

Whether you’re attending a live concert, headed out on a hunting trip, or just doing some noisy yard work, it’s important to protect your hearing. We recommend reaching out to an audiologist to be custom-fit with hearing protection no matter where your summer plans take you.

Don’t let your hearing hold you back this summer season. Reach out to a licensed audiologist to answer any of the questions you may have about your hearing for this season and those to come.


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