Rock ‘N’ Roll Volunteer Supports High School Theater


Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival XXXII British Invasion is tentatively scheduled for the end of May and volunteers like Kirsten Mummert, the president of the Severna Park High School Drama Boosters, are working harder than ever to ensure that the virtual show is a success.

Mummert became involved with Severna Park High School Drama Boosters when her daughter, Kaitlyn, who is currently a graduating senior, was a freshman. Mummert, who was not involved in the arts when she was in high school, started seeing live shows, especially community theater, as a way to bond with her daughter.

“When she was younger, I used to bring her to shows at the high school, and I remember thinking about how impressive those shows were,” Mummert said. “I didn't realize then that I would be supporting such shows from behind the scenes and that she'd be up on that stage, singing her heart out.”

Mummert has volunteered behind the scenes at her daughter’s show since she was in elementary school. She has done everything from helping with stage crew and quick scene changes to supporting fundraising and social media efforts.

“I think it's important as parents to support the activities of our kids, and, honestly, it's been such a pleasure to be part of this world,” Mummert said. “I love seeing a show come together, see the camaraderie develop among the cast and see these students get up onstage and kill it.”

Mummert became involved with the ticket crew after Tracey Mooney, an alumni parent and volunteer, invited her.

“During Rock ‘N’ Roll season, the ticket crew gets together several times a week in the months before the show, filling ticket orders while listening to current and past Rock ‘N’ Roll playlists,” Mummert said.

Mummert is currently the chair of the publicity committee for the boosters. She said that posting on social media and getting the word out about the productions has become one of her favorite tasks. She is the 2020-2021 president of the drama boosters board. Mummert said that she can’t take all of the credit, as the other volunteers put in just as much work.

“No matter what title we have, though, we're really a team,” she said.

This year especially, volunteers have been creative to make Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival XXXII a success despite the performance being virtual this year. Instead of costumes, Stephanie Wright has made over 100 British-themed masks, the website has been updated to include online giving, and the staff members have had to start from scratch after over 30 years.

“I'm really proud of our parents, students, and faculty and staff who could have easily said that it would be too hard to do theater this year,” Mummert said. “Instead, we came up with creative ways to have productions.”

Mummert is thankful that the creative team, Angela Germanos, Atticus Boidy, Michael Brisentine, Jenn Nicolosi and Kelly DeLeon, took the risk to make Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival happen this year, especially as a mother to a senior.

She said that she is proud to be a part of a supportive team of parents, alumni, students, staff and volunteers.

“The SPHS drama program is really a family, and there are so many strong traditions that our students and parents are fortunate to be part of,” Mummert said. “I'm also fortunate to come behind so many dedicated volunteers.”


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