Question Of The Month: St. John The Evangelist School


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. McCarley’s class at St. John the Evangelist School answered the question:

What is your favorite food and why?

I like rice because it is just something super easy to make when my parents are busy, and it’s delicious!
Abby D.

Steak is my favorite food because I love how many ways you can make it, like steak salad, tacos and plain!
Cara W.

My favorite food is Chick-fil-A because their fries are so good, and their chicken nuggets are good as well.
Carlee S.

My favorite food is tuna casserole. I like this because I love tuna and it has a special name in my immediate family, Tuna Nuna.
Caroline B.

Pizza is my favorite food because it has cheese on it and I like cheese.
Carter Z.

My favorite food is French fries because I like salty foods better than sweet foods.
Cayden B.

My favorite food is Italian lasagna. I like this food because it’s a mixture of flavorful sauce, smooth cheese, and crumbly Parmesan cheese, all in one piece of tasty lasagna.
Cole T.

My favorite food is a chicken Caesar salad. I like this food because it is good for you and tastes great together.
Elin E.

Cucumber sushi is my favorite food because it’s healthier than regular sushi, and it always makes me happy when I eat it.
Emerson B.

Tacos are my favorite food. They come in different varieties and are very tasty.
Gavin O.

My absolute favorite food is called “chicken cutlets.” Chicken cutlets are like an Italian chicken tender, and they are really thin, coated with breadcrumbs, and fried in oil.
Gianna T.

My favorite food is tacos. I love them because I've had tacos since I was little.
Harper G.

My favorite food in the world is steak! I like it because there's different things you can put it with, such as tacos, rice, burgers, empanadas and many more.
Iverson C.

I like Skittles because they are sweet.
Jack G.

I like pizza because there are so many toppings you can put on it and it is delicious.
Jackalyn H.

My favorite food is fruit of the sea, which my dad makes. I love it because it has my favorite seafood in it.
Jackson S.

My favorite food is Skittles because they are easy to eat and they are cheap.
John Paul L.

My favorite food is fettuccine alfredo. I love the sauce and I love pasta.
Macie R.

Mashed potatoes are my favorite food because they are so creamy and fluffy. You can also use potatoes for so many things like French fries, tater tots and more!
Madison G.

Pizza is my favorite food because there are a variety of options.
Mary L.

I think sushi is the best food because there is a good sushi place in Annapolis. Another reason is because I like to catch fish.
Ryan S.

I like cheeseburgers because they taste and smell delicious and they are very good with almost any sauce.
Troy W.

My favorite food is tacos. They are very delicious, and I love putting hot sauce on them.
Violet G.

My favorite food is fried pickles. They are my favorite food because I love pickles on their own, but when they are fried fresh, they are very crispy and warm.
William B.


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