Question Of The Month: Shipley’s Choice Elementary School


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Benefiel’s class at Shipley’s Choice Elementary answered the question:


If you could create a new holiday, what would it be?

If I could make up a new holiday, it would be for left-handed people.

Brayden Babcock

I would do Cartoon Day: a day to appreciate all the cartoons and learn about animation. And each class in school has to watch at least two cartoons!

Kelsey Begin

Friends Day because I think that a holiday to spend time with friends and neighbors is what this world needs. Who wouldn’t like a day with friends?

Ashlyn Campbell

If I could create a new holiday, it would be called Animal Voting Day. You would have to vote for your favorite animal, and if any animal has the most votes, they would win.

Nate Chung

If I could make a new holiday, it would be Homeless Awareness Day and we would go around giving the homeless food, clothes, etc.

Ava Deegan

My holiday would be called Lazy Day. You would not have to go to school and you would just be able to lie on the couch, watch TV, and not be productive.

Anna Durastanti

I think we should have a holiday for animals. We would celebrate it by picking up trash. Also, we could feed the animals food that is good for them.

Tyler Fain

If I could make a new holiday, I would make a day called National Dog Day because I think there should be a day where people play with their dogs and do fun “dog” things. If you don't have a dog, you could go to a dog shelter and celebrate with the dogs there.

Sean Firman

If I could make a new holiday, it would be National Boop the Snoot Day. It would be celebrated by everyone booping their pet's nose. Delaney Gelinas

It would be National Halo Appreciate Day. You would dress in “Halo” costumes and play “Halo.”

Zach Hedges

If I could make up a holiday, I would call it Friends Day, where you spend the whole entire day with one or more friends so you can have fun with them.

Grace Heravi

My new holiday would be National Save An Animal Day. People would celebrate it by saving an animal or getting an animal at the shelter. Brianna Knutsen

If I could make a new holiday, that holiday would be Best Friend Day and you would get to spend the whole day with a friend, family member, or anyone.

Tucker Lapriola

If I could come up with one holiday, it would be Family Day. It would be a day where you hung out with your family. That means no school, no chores, and no work.

Mackenzie Machi

I would make GOAT USA a holiday because they have really good clothes, and it would be fun and they give you good stickers.

Abby MacRobbie

I would do a soccer holiday, where you can enjoy your time outside with friends and family, to play soccer and maybe even with some random people you don't know.

Ben Montgomery

If I were to make up a new holiday, it would be to celebrate kids. It could be celebrated by simply just having fun!

Reese Pasko

It would be called Innovators Day and it would be celebrated by seeing and remembering all the amazing inventions.

Nathaniel Patty

If I had to make my own holiday, I would call it Animal Appreciation Day because we already have holidays where we celebrate with people. But someday, we need to notice that your pets and animals are really important. Animals need attention. This is how you celebrate the holiday: you get a lot of treats for your pets, make a cake for the pets, and then play with your pets for a long time to show love for your pets. Pets need to be noticed too.

Jeremy Peiffer

I would have Teacher’s Appreciation Week so the teachers could have a week of no work and the kids would have no school. To celebrate it, the kids would get the teachers gifts.

Elizabeth Pietris

I would make a new holiday called National Historian Day because many ancient historians like Aristotle or Galileo don't get celebrated, and many aren't known.

Abby Russell

My holiday would be Food Day. All fast food would be free and you could eat whatever you wanted.

Annie Speigel

I would make a holiday to celebrate the ocean. On that day, every school would take a field trip for scuba diving!

Sophia Stutz

If I could make up a new holiday, it would be for the youngest child. They would get presents like it's their birthday and basically get to do anything they want.

Barret Wienk



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