Question Of The Month: Oak Hill Elementary


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Klug’s class at Oak Hill Elementary School answered the question:

What is your favorite thing about the holidays and why?

My favorite thing about the holidays is that there is football on all day.

Sebastian Boyle

The celebrations! I love parties and family time, and how holidays bring family together. I love the scare on Halloween, and the egg hunt on Easter.

Madison Bullock

My favorite thing about the holidays is celebrating with my family. Every year, we go and see my grandparents for a second Christmas because we just bring ourselves, where if they come up, my aunt, uncle and cousins also have to come up. I like spending the eight nights of Hanukkah with my family and my Grammy. Each night, one of my siblings takes turns to light all the candles with the shamash candle. Then we open up presents and we have a yummy dessert. On Christmas Eve, we put out cookies with eggnog and sprinkle magic dust in the yard at night for the reindeer. We leave lots of carrots for the reindeer on a special plate with the cookies near our fireplace.

Sabrina Calish

During the holidays, everyone can feel together and ignore their differences and just feel joy. If you’re female or male, black or white, gay or straight, rich or poor, everyone can feel welcome. During Thanksgiving, everyone can sit down together and feel happiness while digging into delicious foods. During Christmas, you can all run down the stairs and see what presents Santa brought. On New Year’s, families can stay up, watching the ball drop. Although, during the holidays, Santa brings you great presents, and your family brings you great food, the most important things that the holidays bring is togetherness and joy.

Molly Christesen

My favorite thing about the holidays is not having school. When I don't have school, I can have more time with my family and friends. Also, the food is so good. I also love giving gifts and receiving gifts.

Jodi Deaton

My favorite thing to do on Christmas is to wake up, see the presents under the tree and start to open the presents. Then the next day, we go to all of our cousins’ houses and hang out there.

Vince DePasquale

My favorite thing about the holidays is the chance to be with family and loved ones, and focus on the important things that we have and not the things that we want that are not so important. Because the holidays are not about the gifts, or the food and parties, although it may be tempting to think that. But no, it's about being together and spending time with your peers and loved ones (and maybe iPads).

Elza Dickinson

My favorite thing about the holidays is getting to spend more time with family. Shopping for friends and family gifts is fun. I love to decorate my room for the holidays. I also like to watch holiday movies.

Jules Draper

I like holidays because they are traditions that will bring people together for generations to come.

Tommy Eberhart

One of my favorite things about the holidays is putting up the decorations. This year for Christmas, I am going to ask my mom and dad for a penguin ornament for the Christmas tree. I am also hoping to get the Christmas penguin Lego set.

Austin Ervick

I love to see my family because they are sweet and loving. We all eat dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas. We always have turkey or ham and dessert. We play fun games and I get to see my family that I do not see all the time. On Christmas, we all get together in the morning and stay to the end of the day. That is why that is my favorite thing to do for the holiday.

Lily Fithyan

My favorite thing about Christmas/the holidays is presents because before I open the presents, I feel super excited about what they’re going to be.

Scarlett Foster

My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family. I love my family very, very much and when I see my family happy, it makes me feel happy too. When Thanksgiving comes around, I make a card saying all the things I'm thankful for and what that family member has done for me in the past. And when Christmas comes, I get everybody a thoughtful gift for them, what they would enjoy the most.

Everly Hall

I love spending time with my family! Technically, Halloween is my favorite holiday, right next to Christmas. What I love about Halloween is all the spooky things, decorations and the animals! I love skeletons, especially Jack Skellington in this movie called “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Skeletons are my favorite monster on Halloween. Almost all of the costumes I see are skeletons. I love how I get to go house to house and see all the faces I get my candy from. That is what I love about the holidays!

Thiseni Kahavidanalage

My favorite thing about the holidays is Christmas because it's a great time to play in the snow most of the time, and I get to spend time with my family too. Every Christmas morning, I wake up and get lots of presents.

Andy Lee

I get to see my family and spend time with them. This is my favorite thing during the holidays because some of my family members live really far away and I appreciate that they are able to come all the way to Maryland to see my family. Another thing I like about the holidays is I can help cook dinner with my mom. I like to cook with my mom during the holidays because I like to feel helpful to my mom.

Emily Nagle

My favorite part about the holidays is spending time with family because most of the time I am at school when my family members come. On the holidays, I don't have school, though. Another thing I like about the holidays is that there is no school. I like it because then I have no homework.

Alexa Paulson

My favorite things about the holidays are being able to see my family, doing unique activities, and everyone giving gifts to each other on Christmas. I like being able to see my family because my cousins live in Pennsylvania and my aunt and uncle live in Maine. That being said, I do not get to see them often, so it is fun to see them. I like doing unique activities because you only get to do the holiday activities once a year, so it is nice to do something unique. I like when everyone is giving each other gifts because when they do, it is showing that they care for you. I also like to see how excited people are when I get them something. So yes, there are a lot of good things about the holidays.

Bryson Scott

My favorite thing about the holidays is seeing your family. I like seeing my family on holidays because we do fun stuff and make food.

Jack Seely

My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family. I like it because when my grandma, grandpa, uncle and aunt come over it is like a party! I like when it snows outside because me and my family have a snowball fight. When we open presents, it makes me feel happy to see my family open the presents I gave them. “The Night Before Christmas,” we get to open one present and we play with our present together as a family. When it is nighttime, me and my family eat dinner, laugh and play games together. I love it when my uncle, aunt, grandma and grandpa play games with me, my sister and my brother. My favorite game to play is “Zeus on the Loose.”

Jackson Short

First, I love spending time with my family on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Also, I love getting gifts for Christmas and buying gifts for my friends and family on holidays.

Alex Stokes

My favorite thing about the holidays is getting time off of school. With time off, I have more time to be with family and friends. Which means you can travel to family and friends to celebrate the holidays together.

Lyla Stohler

My favorite part of the holidays is I get to have fun with my friends and family. During Christmas, I get to open presents and have cinnamon rolls, and during Thanksgiving, I get to have a Thanksgiving feast!

Sophie Tyler


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