Question Of The Month: Oak Hill Elementary


By Maya Pottiger

Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Birrane’s class at Oak Hill Elementary answered the question:

What is your favorite memory from elementary school?

My favorite memory was when I made friends with Nick and everybody else.
Matt Abedi

My favorite memory of Oak Hill is when I won a trophy in first grade for Race for Education.
Adam Akbari

I made a lot of friends in fourth and fifth grade. Making a lot of friends meant a lot to me in both grades. I hope to succeed and graduate fifth grade and move on to sixth grade!
Andre Boone

My favorite memory is making friends. But the best part is being able to enjoy it, and we are all brothers and sisters inside. If people are mean to you, just remember you are you and that is great. Never ever change yourself because of others. Love yourself for who you are.
Tristan Bormuth

My favorite memory of elementary school is when we had the laser light show in fourth grade. It was awesome!
Jaime Boyd

In fourth grade, I did a split and then I split my pants wide open.
Kam Brown

In second grade, I made a tinfoil box and I put a s’more in the box. Then I put it in the sun and made a s’more.
Shea Cassidy

When we were making the gingerbread house in fourth grade and the laser show.
Rachel Colgan

My favorite memory of elementary school is this year and last year because my friends and I got to help the kindergarteners in P.E.
Madelyn Corey

When I met two of my good friends in third grade.
Kaelin Cservek

When we got ice cream floats in fifth grade.
Jonah Darcy

When I had a root beer float for the first time, and also when we had the laser show.
Maddie Goodwin

My favorite memory from elementary school would be when I was in kindergarten. I sneezed and my tooth flew across the room when I was in a tent playing with my friend Kathy. Also, when I met my best friend, Kaelin Cservek.
Emily Greaves

My favorite memory of elementary school was when I was in third grade when we had a laser light show.
Nicholas Howie

My favorite memory is getting a concussion in third grade on the last day of school. My best friend, Noah, punted a soccer ball two feet away from me, and it hit me right in the head. Best day ever!
Asher Knickerbocker

My favorite elementary school memory has been meeting my teachers over the years. They are all so kind, loving and warm-hearted. They treat me with kindness. Also, making my friends who are always there for me.
Blair McDaniel

My favorite memory from elementary school is when I found my friends, my two friends that I would never want to lose. We met by accident in third grade. Now the two girls are still my best friends.
Taylor Moran

My favorite part of elementary school was when we had the ice cream float party and watched a movie. We got to choose between root beer, Pepsi, Coke, or cherry soda with our ice cream.
Callum Olenec

My favorite memory of elementary school was doing my first school play last year. We did “The Little Mermaid,” and I was Ariel. I had a lot of fun getting to know the older fifth-graders and getting to perform in front of lots of people.
Elizabeth Ranaghan

My favorite elementary school memory was last year. In dance company, at the end of the year, we had root beer floats.
Angela Reed

Meeting new friends, having the best teachers, me and my best friends getting to help our P.E. teacher with the younger grades during their class period, and riding the bus with my class on field trips because we sing, play games and have funny conversations.
Abigail Roberts

My favorite memory in elementary school was when I was in fifth grade in Mrs. Birrane’s class and we got ice cream floats, soda and watched a movie.
Tristan Schultz

My favorite memory in elementary school is dance company and root beer floats!
Marissa Scott

When I made new friends throughout the years of elementary school. Now that I am going into sixth grade, I can't wait to make more friends.
Karlie Shockey

My favorite memory is last year when me and a couple of friends got to spend our recess time helping the kindergarteners do P.E.! It was really fun getting to have a little extra P.E. time and helping out.
Parren Smith

I have so many memories in elementary school. I recently was manager of the lightboard for the school's production of “Mary Poppins.” I also made an oven out of a pizza box in second grade. I also loved to draw when I was done my work. I really liked elementary school.
Denver Straub

My favorite memory is when my friend threw a book at my eye, and with my eye, I saw everything doubled. It was like when your eyes are crossed.
Jance Vaughn

When I tricked people into thinking my best friend was my twin. We do look alike, but we are not twins. When his dad went to a place for military reasons, he had to ride my bus for a week, so I told everyone we were.
Elijah Wells

My favorite elementary memory was when I did SeaPerch with my friend. We made our robot fly through the water!
Josie Wong


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