Question Of The Month: Broadneck Elementary


By Maya Pottiger

Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Mr. Fell’s class at Broadneck Elementary School answered the question:

If you could be any movie character, who would you be and why?

I would be Wonder Woman. I think this because she’s strong and determined. Wonder Woman is a great role model for young girls.
Reese Antaran

I would be Rocket the Raccoon from “Guardians of the Galaxy.” I would be him because he’s funny. Also because he is small and he has his own spaceship.
Alex Barrett

I would be Princess Ariel. I have always wanted to be a princess. Also, I love to explore new areas.
Samantha Beltran

I would be Alex from “Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.” I would want to be her because she’s pretending to be a wizard and you can use any spell to get whatever you want. She is also my choice because her life is really enthusiastic, so I’ll never be bored.
Jadyn Betts

I would be Thanos because I can control anything and destroy the world in one snap. Another reason is that he is feared and powerful.
Brady Dement

I would be Dustin from “Stranger Things.” I would be him because he does a lot of epic things and he is funny. He is also my favorite character from the show.
Jackson Fisk

I would be Deadpool because he is really funny.
Christopher Frost

I would be Spongebob because everybody loves Spongebob and I could work at the Krusty Krab and I could be friends with Patrick.
Javier Guerrero

I would Thanos because I could be unstoppable and nobody could hurt me. I would also be able to go to different places and collect rings.
Alijah Hawkins

I would be Hazel from “Dolphin Tale.” I would be her because I love dolphins and she gets to swim and be around them constantly.
Talia Keithley

I would be the mom from “Jaws,” Ellen. I would be her because of the crazy adventure she went through. Her husband went to kill a Great White and her son almost got killed by it.
Mia Lang

I would be the Black Panther because no weapon can penetrate the suit. Another reason is he or she has superhuman speed, strength and instinct.
Marcel Madison

I would be Thanos. I would be him because he has a whole army. I would also choose him because the powers he has are super cool.
Callan Marchant

I would be Spongebob from the movie “Sponge Out Of Work.” I would be Spongebob because he’s funny, he can do whatever he wants and he can eat a lot of sugar.
Mallory McGowan

I would be the Cheshire Cat. One reason is that I can do an evil laugh like him. Another reason is that I love anything to do with cats.
Karlee Moxley

I would be Thor. This is because he’s a god, so I would live forever. Also, he’s super powerful because he’s the only one who actually really hurt Thanos. Last, no one can steal my stuff if I put my hammer on it.
Nick Nelson

I would be Clark Griswold from “Christmas Vacation.” I chose this because he is funny and overachieves with Christmas lights. Also, he has a hilarious uncle who owns an RV.
Gabriel Noon

I would be Ant Man because he can shrink his body! He is strong and it would be cool to shrink.
Zachary Ravello-Arceo

I would be Thanos because if I had math homework that I didn’t want to do, I could destroy all of it before the teacher passes it out. Also, I could have a cool glove with space rocks.
Gavin Richards

I would be the character Will Ferrell played in “Daddy’s Home 2.” I would be this character because Will Ferrell is my favorite actor and because he is funny.
Michael Rohm

I would be Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon movies. I choose this because I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. … Also because I would love to see the Pokémon world in Ash’s humorous point of view.
Gautham Thangaavel

I would be Hiccup Haddock because he is cool. Also, he rides dragons. Last, he is a lot like me.
Cooper Treacy

I would be Superman because he has a lot of different superpowers. I would use those powers to help other people. I would also protect the country from crime.
Logan Sabo

I would be Moana because I love the ocean and her pig. I also would want to be her because of her silly chicken.
Callie Schlude

I would be Violet from “The Incredibles.” She’s a shy girl who fights crime! She can turn invisible and has a force field.
Allana Segree

I would be Rapunzel from “Tangled.” I would be her because she has beautiful long hair and she’s allowed to walk barefoot. Also, she has a handsome prince to save her from that mean witch. That would be so cool to go on fun adventures as Rapunzel.
Anabelle Segree

I would be Quicksilver because he’s super fast. Also I’d be able to slow time. That’s why I want to be Quicksilver.
Drew Van Allen


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