Question Of The Month: Benfield Elementary School


We asked Mrs. Bartlett’s class, “If you could make one rule that everyone in the world would have to follow, what rule would you make?”

This month, students from Mrs. Bartlett’s class at Benfield Elementary answered the question:

If you could make one rule that everyone in the world would have to follow, what rule would you make?

If I could make a rule, it would be to not allow guns. I would do that because lots of people lose their lives in shootings and I want to prevent that.
Alena W.

I would have the rule that there could be no wars, and everyone must live in peace. I want people to not fight or kill – just be happy.
Ally C.

I would make the rule that nobody can be poor. It is not fair that some people don’t have money. There are people who are cold and hungry, while others who have money are not caring about the ones who need money.
Artin T.

I would choose that when you adopt a pet from a shelter, they are free. Then more pets will be adopted.
Barrett V.

I would make a rule for world peace and not polluting. I chose that rule because no one would go to jail, and the earth would be clean.
Ben G.

The rule would be that you must do one kind deed each day. I think this would keep people kind and not mean.
Chase G.

My rule would be treating others the way you would want to be treated. I chose that because everybody wants to be treated fairly.
Declan S.

The rule would be that everyone gets free food. Food should be free because poor people won’t have to starve and food is a need, so it should be free.
Everly N.

One rule that everyone should follow is to not harm innocent citizens. I think that would be a good rule because if we couldn’t harm anyone, then we wouldn’t need wars to accomplish things and solve conflicts.
Finley M.

The one rule I would make is no hurting someone mentally or physically. Hurting people has been a big problem in the U.S. and other places in the world and I would like to stop it.
Hadley C.

If I could make one rule for everyone in the world, I would make it that no one can smoke. Smoking can kill you, and it can cause a lot of lung problems.
Izzi S.

I would have a rule of no smoking because it is terrible for your lungs. Smoking can give you a greater chance of lung cancer, brain cancer or blood cancer.

Lauren B.

I think that there should be no violence. If we had a non-violent rule, there would be no war or other terrible things.
Liam B.

I would make a rule that you can’t take drugs unless they were prescribed for you. When people take drugs for fun, it doesn’t only harm them but those around them too. For example, when people take drugs, it can make them do crazy things like shooting people and robbing banks.
Luke L.

If I could make one rule that everyone in the world would have to follow, it would be that no one can smoke or litter. Our society/planet will be in better shape if we don’t smoke or litter.
Madison C.

Every month, everyone must do a day of community service. This rule would solve some of our problems like world hunger and people without shelter, but it would also make many people feel good because they helped other people.
Maggie B.

My rule would be that every kid should read every night. Reading helps you learn about life, people and helps create a love of learning.
Marlaina V.

Everyone would have to pick up trash on the highway or streets. There would be less pollution and trash in the areas where we live, and we would have more breathable oxygen.
Melissa A.

I would make the rule that there could be no violence in the world. This rule would make the world a better place because no one should die of violence and there would be no wars.
Nick T.

My rule says teachers’ salaries should be raised because they’re helping us learn and they need to be appreciated more for their hard work. Also, it’s not just information they’re teaching us, they’re teaching us life skills and that is important for our future.
Regan G.

I would make a rule that everybody should have a job even if they are poor. This is a good rule because then everybody will get money to have food, water and shelter.
Riordan K.

I would want everyone to have peace and have no violence in the world. Also, I do not want anyone to fight. All people should be treated nicely.
Ruby B.

I would make the rule of no smoking. This is important because smoking is bad for your health and the health of those around you.
Ryleigh C.

One rule I would make is to be kind to everyone, because almost everyone needs to be treated that way. I love seeing people happy and love when people are nice to them.
Samantha F.

Everyone should smile at everybody. I think this is a good rule because it will make the world a happy living environment.
Sydney P.

If I could make one rule that everyone would follow, it would be to have no violence. Violence is very hurtful and damages a victim’s family.

Vaughn W.

The rule I would make is that slavery, segregation and other causes of racism are not allowed. I chose this rule because many countries, not the U.S., continue to have slavery and segregation in their lives.
Warren W.

I would make a rule that you can’t litter or hurt the environment. I would make this rule because we are really hurting our environment and we need to change.
Zoey S.


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