Question Of The Month: Benfield Elementary


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Ender’s class at Benfield Elementary School answered the question:

What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

Medical field - I think it would be interesting to find new discoveries about different medicines.
Avery F.

Makeup artist - I like to explore with makeup and inspire people.
Calla B.

Video game designer - I enjoy coding and creating things.\
Calvin C.

Real estate agent - I like selling things.
Colin D.

Professional soccer player - I like soccer. It would be fun to travel and do what I have liked doing since I was little.
Ella G.

Professional lacrosse player - I love playing lacrosse and learning new moves. I have been playing since I was 4.
Elsa C.

Fashion designer - I love to design clothes and make people feel beautiful.
Emme W.

Professional hockey player - I enjoy practicing and playing games. I also think it is really fun.
Evan A.

Cancer doctor - I want to cure people who have cancer and make them feel better.
Gray N.

Guidance counselor - I want to work in a school and it seems fun.
Hannah F.

Professional baseball player - The players on TV inspire me.
Harrison R.

Professional soccer player - I love watching, playing and learning about soccer.
Heath G.

Professional soccer player - I like to inspire people and I like to work hard.
Hunter F.

Coder - I feel like it would be fun to make games other people can play.
Jack B.

Professional soccer player - They inspire me to keep playing and I try hard.
Kate W.

Dolphin trainer - I have been swimming my whole life and I think marine life is cool.
Lucia V.

Professional soccer player - I have played since I was little. I enjoy learning new skills and having fun playing in games.
Marin S.

U.S. Navy - I want to protect our country.
Mason S.

Professional halfback in the NFL - I have loved running and catching the football since I was 5.
Owen T-H.

U.S. Navy - A lot of my family members are veterans.
Roman W.

Professional soccer player - I like playing soccer and I think it is really fun.
Ryan B.

Clothing designer - I think it would be fun to work with different materials and dresses.
Sophie F.

Professional photographer - I have always liked taking photos of nature and everything around me. Sometimes what I see on the camera looks different from what I see in real life.
Sophie T.

Video game designer - I love to be creative, inspire others and be proud of my amazing work.
Tiara G.

Professional baseball player - I have been playing since I was 5 and I really like baseball.
Tripp S.

Professional basketball player - I can inspire people and get paid really well.
Waseem H.


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