Pandemic Doesn’t Stop Moran Insurance From Building Bridges For Life

Marc Dorman (right) and Matt Lehmann strive to provide innovative solutions for the unique insurance and risk management needs of their clients.
Marc Dorman (right) and Matt Lehmann strive to provide innovative solutions for the unique insurance and risk management needs of their clients.

The Voice staff had the opportunity to have an informal video conference with the Severna Park owners of Moran Insurance, Marc Dorman and Matt Lehmann. We wanted to check in on how the company and its team were doing during the 10th anniversary of Dorman and Lehmann’s acquisition of the venerable agency. We last sat down with the owners in 2017 as Moran Insurance celebrated its 40th anniversary at The Severn Inn in Annapolis. We spoke about a wide range of topics, including the health of their company, Moran's ongoing commitment to the community, and perhaps, most pressing, the changes created by the coronavirus pandemic.

As an independent insurance broker, Moran represents over 40 companies — companies like Traveler’s, Liberty Mutual, PURE and Selective. Having access to such a broad range of companies, Moran can tailor its clients' specific insurance needs and place them with the ideal company.

"Having that type of flexibility allows us to match each of our clients with the ideal company to ensure the best coverage at a competitive price," said Lehmann.

Client engagement and support have been the cornerstone of Moran's business philosophy. “Check in on your clients. Understand how they are doing. See how you can help. These basic human interactions are often lost in larger, faceless companies. They are, however, critical to our understanding of our client's needs,” Dorman explained.

Listening and empathy allowed Moran Insurance to remain strong even in the most uncertain times.

As the pandemic unfolded across our region, Moran worked tirelessly to ensure that as the needs of its personal and business clients changed, its insurance adapted as well. The pandemic has altered the community in profound ways. Some business sectors are surging, while others are floundering.

"Adapting to this moment has been a hallmark of our company," Dorman explained. "We have built our reputation on our ability to adapt to our clients’ needs. The only difference now is that nearly all of our clients’ needs are changing simultaneously."

Just how is that possible? Before the lockdown, Moran Insurance set up remote workstations for each team member in early March. Those stations included multi-screen computers, connected telephone systems, web cameras and much more. Video conferencing, interoffice messaging, and notes-based updates became the new normal for the staff. The seamless transition to the remote work environment allowed Moran to continue to care for clients promptly. Now that most of the regulations have been lifted, Moran has given its team a choice to remain at home or return to the office or both.

"It was important to Marc and me that we allowed for the most flexible work environment possible," Lehmann explained. "Some associates are at a higher risk or have small children. Everyone is different, and we must acknowledge this and find the best path forward. After all, without our team, we are not Moran Insurance."

Moran Insurance prioritizes the needs of not just its clients but its team as well.

Understanding the challenges that face the personal and business communities is not all that concerns Moran Insurance. For 27 years, Moran has been the lead sponsor for Providence Center's annual golf tournament; 2020 marked the first year that this event was canceled. The same is true for Hospice of the Chesapeake's annual gala, which Moran also supports. Opportunity Builders, The Y of Central Maryland, CASA, Anne Arundel Medical Center, and Harbor School are all recipients of Moran's local commitment to generosity.

"When we give to an organization, whether it be time or money, it's usually because that organization means something to us. They need our support now more than ever!" Lehmann exclaimed.

Indeed, 2020 has been a year of clarity for Lehmann and Dorman. "We better understand the needs of our team, our clients and our community in ways not possible before COVID-19. We look forward to the chapter after coronavirus, and with health and the success of the people, businesses and institutions we call our neighbors," Dorman concluded. After all, Moran’s slogan is "Building Bridges for Life."

Moran Insurance is licensed in 40 states but primarily serves the Maryland/Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. For more information, call 410-544-3422 or visit


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