Oak Ridge Builders Opens New Boutique


After getting 12 years of hands-on experience as an apprentice craftsman under his grandfather and uncles, third-generation family member Shawn Thiess believed it was time to start Oak Ridge Builders, his own family-owned and operated custom home building and renovation company, in 2009.

Over his decade of meticulous training, Thiess was instilled with integrity, knowledge and trust.

“We believe actions should speak louder than words, and that’s why our attention to detail, creativity, quality workmanship and accountability permit Oak Ridge Builders to consistently deliver outstanding value in our residential services,” Thiess said.

Since the business’ inception, most of its work was in and around the Severna Park area, and Thiess especially wanted to express his sincere appreciation to the Severna Park community for supporting his business over the years.

“We do not advertise,” Thiess said. “All of our referrals have been through word of mouth, and I have always been grateful for that.”

Oak Ridge Builders is a general contractor that provides the full gamut of home improvement and renovation services.

“There’s really nothing in the residential world that we don’t do,” added Thiess, although the company’s specialty is with custom kitchens and baths. “We’ve done so much in this area over the years that it has become our concentration.”

In the past, Oak Ridge Builders provided the design and construction aspects of the renovation projects but had to refer clients elsewhere to purchase materials like cabinetry, countertops, vanities and hardware. However, Thiess was pleased to announce that Oak Ridge recently established its own materials service and has set up a new boutique in the Severna Park-based Dawson’s Corner where clients can see samples of materials available, making the entire renovation process even more convenient.

“Our studio has five different lines of cabinetry to fit most budgets,” Thiess said. “Cabinetry and all other supplies can now be provided in-house, making it much easier for the client by providing a one-stop shopping experience.”

In addition to the boutique studio, Oak Ridge Builders has brought on a full-time, in-house kitchen designer with more than 30 years of experience, provided to clients at no additional cost. Unlike some home improvement stores that simply provide a design plan to begin the renovation process, Oak Ridge Builders makes its designer available from project start to finish.

“The whole goal is for the client to have a personal designer to hold their hand from concept inception to construction completion,” Thiess said. “It’ll be a turnkey process for the entire renovation process.”

Thiess explained when people start a home renovation process, they typically go to a showroom, meet a designer to create a design, but then must put all the pieces together after that point.

“It’s a very difficult process to manage,” Thiess said. “With Oak Ridge Builders, you’ll be working with a team that will help you manage the project all the way through successful completion.”

To learn more about Oak Ridge Builders, call 443-336-1794, email oakridgebuilders1@live.com or go to oakridgebuildersmd.com.

“Our service does not end at project completion,” Thiess said. “Oak Ridge Builders wants to create a lifetime relationship with our customers.”


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