Marsh Landing Overturned


The Anne Arundel County Board of Appeals overturned the county's approval for the Marsh Landing subdivision after hearing testimony from the Magothy River Association, which worked with the Berrywood community, Greater Severna Park Council, Growth Action Network and Chesapeake Legal Alliance. The Berrywood community argued that the stormwater controls proposed by the developer would not protect the sensitive Cattail Creek wetlands and would undo the nearby $1 million Cattail Creek restoration project.

Upon learning of the decision, County Executive Steuart Pittman issued a statement. The following is an excerpt from that statement:


"I was disappointed that the project was approved under the previous administration and that our staff was unable to overturn that decision, but I was appreciative that residents never gave up. They organized and they won at the Board of Appeals, but they should not have had to step in to correct the county’s work.

Under new leadership at both Planning and Zoning and Inspections and Permits, those departments are now enforcing the laws that protect our environment and manage our growth. Like any government review process, it’s long and complicated, but at least now it’s consistent.

Developers became accustomed in this county to buying land in environmentally sensitive areas at low prices, using their political influence to get it upzoned and to win modifications to circumvent our laws, and then walking away with exorbitant profits.

Enclave at Crofton, Glebe Heights on the Mayo peninsula, and the Hogan Companies’ development between Cabin Branch and Saltwater Creek are all recent projects that failed to meet the requirements of our laws, but would probably have been approved under previous administrations.

Now that we’ve repaired the tools we must use to prevent bad development in our county, it’s time to move forward on Glen Burnie revitalization, transit-oriented development, and the smart growth that gets cars off the road and meets the needs of the hardworking people of this county.

Thank you to all residents who have stepped up to protect the natural resources of this county. We have more work to do, but let’s celebrate this win."


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