Local Students Excel At County Science Fair


During the 52nd annual Anne Arundel County Regional Science and Engineering Expo on March 14, approximately 100 county middle and high school students earned first-place awards. Below are the winners from Severna Park and Arnold.



Zoe Barbour — “Momentum Conundrum”
Second Place, Grade 9, Physics
United States Air Force STEM Award

Noah Barton — “Does Weight Affect Hovercraft Travel Distance?”
Honorable Mention, Grade 9, Engineering Mechanics

Katheryne Lochart — “Wing It!”
First Place, Grade 11, Physics
Biophysical Society Award
United States Metric Award for Best Use of the International System of Units
United States Air Force STEM Award
Society of Women Engineers Outstanding Engineer Award
ITA Excellence in Science and Engineering Award 

Nicole Schroeder — “The Effect of Fertilizer Type: Nitrate and Runoff”
Third Place, Grade 9, Environmental Science

Bianca Wilson — “What's the Pitch?”
Third Place, Grade 9, Physics


Mia Chapman — “Thinking Inside the Box”
Second Place, Grade 8, Energy: Physical
Naval Science Award Junior Division

Lindsay Curley — “Does Temperature Affect the Freezing Point of H2O?”
Honorable Mention, Grade 8, Environmental Science

Heather Doyen and Liam Doyen — “Protecting People Through the Power of Paper”
Honorable Mention, Grade 8, Physics

Zachary Gardiner — “Sound Off”
First Place, Grade 8, Energy: Physical
Broadcom MASTERS Outstanding Middle School Project Award

Natalie Hosie — “Would You Think This Project Was Cool?”
Second Place, Grade 7, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Broadcom MASTERS Outstanding Middle School Project Award

Rory Jacobs — “Are Band-Aids Really Stuck on You?”
First Place, Grade 8, Health Sciences

Camden Lodico — “How EMF Affects Us”
Third Place, Grade 8, Energy: Physical

Zachary Robinson — “Keeping It Private: Blocking RFID Readers”
Second Place, Grade 8, Systems Software

Ella Sherman — “The Science Behind Popovers”
Honorable Mention, Grade 7, Chemistry

Benjamin Sterner — “What Wash Preserves Strawberries the Longest?”
Second Place, Grade 7, Biochemistry

Brooke Velez — “Solar Science”
Honorable Mention, Grade 7, Energy: Physical

Olivia West — “What Sail Shape Allows the Boat to Travel Fastest?”
Third Place, Grade 7, Engineering Mechanics
ITA Honorable Mention 

James O’Leary
Third Place, Computer Science Competition

Timothy Wintrode
Honorable Mention, Computer Science Competition


Lillian Moss — “How Does Color Affect Perception of Taste?”
First Place, Grade 6, Biochemistry



Anna McCallister “Worming Through Plastic Waste”
First Place, Grade 9, Environmental Science

Sebastien Brennan Fibonacci — “Retracement in Financial Risk Management”
First Place, Grade 12, Mathematics
Educational Systems FCU Outstanding Mathematics Award
Defense Spectrum Organization Excellence in Mathematics
Achievement in Mathematics Award 

Ethan Prigge — “Pulverizing Parasites: Building New Vaccines”
First Place, Grade 11, Biomedical Engineering & Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society Award


Nadine Maggio — “How Does the Type of Plant Affect Erosion?”
Honorable Mention, Grade 6, Environmental Science

Sabrina Richter Beam “Deflection: Theory Versus Reality”
First Place, Grade 6, Engineering Mechanics
Broadcom MASTERS Outstanding Middle School Project Award

Dylan Rockey “How Does Irradiated Water Affect Plant Growth?”
Second Place, Grade 8, Plant Sciences


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