Letter To The Editor: Opposition To Four Modifications For Enclave At Severna Park Project


Editor’s Note: This letter was written to Anne Arundel County officials and shared with the Voice.

The developer of the proposed Enclave at Severna Park has recently submitted applications for four modifications (numbers 16494, 16495, 16496 and F21-002) to the Anne Arundel County code to allow him to build the Enclave at Severna Park development. Berrywood, the Greater Severna Park Council and the Magothy River Association were united in opposing this development when it was first proposed, and now the developer is trying again by requesting four modifications to county code to allow the development to proceed. Here is the link to the article that was in the Severna Park Voice about the community-wide opposition to this development for numerous environmental, traffic and quality of life reasons: www.severnaparkvoice.com/stories/an-open-letter-to-the-office-of-planning-and-zoning-steve-kaii-ziegler,31779?

We remain opposed to the project, and we are strongly opposed to the four modifications to our county code that would enable this project to proceed. The county has no obligation to make a developer's plans "work" for the developer when those plans will do so much damage to the Cattail Creek watershed as well as degrade the quality of life for everyone who drives daily on that section of Ritchie Highway. The health of our waterways and the life of the citizens of this county should be your top priority, not modifying county laws to aid a speculative developer!

We respectfully request that you deny these modifications.

Thank you,

Robert and Karen Royer
Severna Park


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