Letter To The Editor: Opposed To Race Theory


We hear a lot about critical race theory, but still, few know exactly what it means, how it started and how it came to be. Based on several law journals and books that I’ve read, here is my understanding:

Critical race theory emerged in the 1970s by several founding scholars, most of whom are not of African descent, and as an African American woman, does not represent me or anyone who looks like me. Critical race theory believes that racism is normal and describes the everyday experience of most people of color in America. It also believes that you are oppressed if you are of Asian descent, Latino descent, of the LGBT community and/or a woman. Essentially, if you identify with any of these groups and live in America, you are doomed!

Critical race theory has triggered an intense reaction among parents of all backgrounds — including myself — because schools are considering teaching this “theory” to our children. When I was growing up, I remember being taught history in a way that made me feel that America was just as much my country as anyone else’s; however, I also realize that there were many parts of history that were left out. We need to teach America’s history of slavery, Jim Crow and racism as we know it, but we also need to teach our children the efforts America has made and continues to make to right these wrongs.

History should be true, informative and should leave a child feeling as if he or she can be on the right side of history moving forward. As a parent of a recent Anne Arundel County Public Schools elementary school graduate, I, as well as most parents, want to protect kids from biases and any form of education that tells them they can’t before they realize that they can. Critical race theory sends a message to children of color that despite how hard you work in America, the system is rigged against you. It teaches non children of color that because of the color of your skin, you have a natural advantage.

I don’t want my children, or any child, left feeling that they are second-class citizens or that their efforts are in vain based on the color of their skin. So, let’s ban critical race theory, because it is doing just that. This theory is psychologically detrimental to our children and goes against America’s core values.

LaToya Nkongolo
Severna Park


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