Kilmarnock Is Hidden Between Millersville And Severna Park


Anyone who has ever walked the entire loop at Kinder Farm Park knows there is a dead-end street that butts up to the park’s path through the wooded area, but where does that street lead? Kilmarnock in Millersville, that’s where!

Nestled between Chartwell Golf & Country Club and Kinder Farm Park, the secluded Kilmarnock neighborhood in Millersville is an active family’s dream location. Homes are large and stately. Lots are at least an acre, some with professionally designed hardscapes and tall trees. A walking path leads directly to Kinder Farm Park. Families can easily walk to Green Hornets sporting events at the Kinder sports complex.

The community holds four major events, two for adults and two for families. Around St. Patrick’s Day, they hold a wine-tasting party. At Easter, Jill and Tom Grupski open their yard for an Easter egg hunt for the children of the community. In the summer, the Grupskis also host a community pool party. A fall festival just before Halloween is held for families, and the kids get to wear their costumes, enjoy a bouncy house, games and a big bonfire. In December, there is an adult-only Christmas party.

Susan Gillespie
Lifelong Resident

After growing up in Kilmarnock, Susan Gillespie and her husband were presented with the opportunity to purchase her childhood home from her parents.

“My parents were the original homeowners,” Gillespie said. “I loved the idea of buying my childhood home, the home I grew up in.”

One of the many reasons why Gillespie loves Kilmarnock is that it’s a small community unknown to most people who live in Severna Park and Millersville. Another reason is Benfield Elementary School.

“I attended Benfield Elementary School and made some lifelong friends there,” Gillespie said. “Now my son is in first grade there, and so far he loves it.”

Naturally, Gillespie would recommend Kilmarnock to friends hoping to move to the area, especially if they were looking for large homes on larger lots with neighbors who are “fun to hang out with.” She also said it’s fun to know she’s not the only kid who grew up in Kilmarnock and decided to return or stay in the neighborhood as an adult.

“Growing up, I remember one neighbor, who was a nurse, would come over and help out just to check on things and sometimes just sit and chat with someone who just needed someone there,” Gillespie said. “I know when some of my neighbors go out of town, others will help out by looking after their pets or gardens.”

Gillespie is on the community association’s social committee, and her husband takes photos at community events.

Linda & David Turner
Residents for 31 Years

“David and I lived in Silver Spring, Maryland, then moved to Corning, New York, for a career change for David,” explained Linda Turner. “His previous manager and work colleagues had lived in Severna Park, and we liked the area. So when we moved back to Maryland, we looked for a home in Anne Arundel County.”

The housing market was booming in Severna Park in 1987, with few resale homes on the market, and those were selling quickly. David and Linda heard that Kilmarnock was adding a new section to the community and they purchased the “builder spec” home, which they were able to get into in just 60 days.

“Kilmarnock is a relatively small community compared to those around us, like Shipley’s Choice and Chartwell,” added Linda. “We have a mix of Maryland natives and transplants (like us) and we have 1-acre lots, which are hard to come by today. We also border Kinder Park, so we have active dog walkers, runners and bikers, and neighbors to visit with on their way to the park.”

And, as usually the case with close-knit communities, Linda loves her neighbors.

“We have wonderful neighbors, the kind you can count on in an emergency or watch a pet in a pinch,” she said. “What is amazing about this community is that the people who have moved even come back to our social events and they miss the camaraderie we have developed here. We have residents that grew up in this neighborhood who made the decision to move their families to Kilmarnock 30-plus years later.”

Linda recalled a time when her daughter was just 4 years old when she fell out of her bedroom window onto the deck below.

“Maryland State Police landed a helicopter in Kinder Farm Park and medevaced our daughter to Johns Hopkins Pediatric Emergency in Baltimore,” said Linda. “I was working in Pittsburg, and my neighbors jumped into action to retrieve me from the airport and rushed me to the hospital, while another neighbor babysat my son. My daughter was fine, and I knew then that I could replace this house, but not the great neighbors we have.”

Linda is a past secretary and social committee member of the homeowners association.

Gina Ubriaco
Resident for 18 Years

“My family moved to Kilmarnock in 1983 for my father to start a new job,” said Gina Ubriaco. “I remember my mom saying that she wanted my sibling and I to grow up in a neighborhood where we could hop on our bikes and take off for the day to play with friends.”

When choosing a neighborhood for her young family, she picked Kilmarnock. With her parents still in the community, Ubriaco bought a house next to her brother. Another sibling lives in Timonium.

“I wanted my children to be close to family,” said Ubriaco. “It’s a great place to grow up. Tons of kids, next to the Kinder Farm Park and bike loop.”

Ubriaco also notes that the location of Kilmarnock is great.

“I can go out one entrance to easily get to Severna Park or I can go out the second entrance to get to Pasadena and major highways like 10, 100, and 97.”

Some of Gina’s neighbors are the same ones she had growing up. She is currently on the social committee.


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