How Cabinet Refacing Can Transform Your Kitchen


Do your kitchen cabinets need refreshing? Maybe they’re scuffed or stained. Maybe you’re just plain tired of the color or finish. But you’re reluctant to yank out all those cabinets, rip up the walls and start from scratch — that’s expensive and could put your whole kitchen out of commission.

A refacing service can transform your kitchen without the mess, fuss and expense of a remodeling job. You get the beauty and benefits of new-looking cabinets in just days, not weeks. How do you decide if cabinet refacing is right for you? Check out this primer to learn how refacing works.

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet doors and drawers tend to wear out faster than cabinet frames. In cabinet refacing, doors and drawers are removed, but the kitchen cabinets’ existing frames, or boxes, are kept in place. The boxes are covered with a new veneer of wood or laminate, and then new cabinet doors, drawer fronts and hardware are installed. The cabinets appear completely new — and the doors and drawer fronts are new, with the original boxes veneered specifically to match them.

What refacing is not. Refacing is not painting existing cabinets. It is not refinishing the wood on existing wood cabinets. For many kitchens, painting cabinets or revitalizing wood are ideal choices. But if refacing with veneers and new doors is right for your kitchen, someone with a fantastic selection of materials can make your cabinets look new.

Is refacing or renovating the right option?

Ask yourself these questions to decide if refacing is the best option for your kitchen.

Do I crave a fresher look but do not want to pay big bucks for a full remodel? HomeAdvisor says refacing is 30% to 50% less expensive than kitchen cabinet remodeling. That gives refacing the cost advantage, if you mostly want to alter the kitchen’s appearance and not change its functionality or footprint.

Do I like my kitchen’s current layout? If your familiar layout works efficiently, there’s no need to tear out cabinets for a full remodeling job. Refacing keeps the layout while upgrading the look.

Are the cabinet boxes in good shape? A professional can inspect your cabinets and tell you if the boxes have damage or other issues that make replacing your best choice. If the boxes are sturdy, refacing likely is an option.

Would I like to keep using my kitchen normally while it is getting upgraded? Refacing does not require demolition and does not move appliances around, so you can keep using your kitchen while the job is underway.

Do I plan to stay in this house for a while? If you are looking at moving within just a few years, painting might be an option for your kitchen cabinets. If you aim to use the cabinets for years to come, refacing gives durable cabinets for the long term.

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