Grizzlies Claw Their Way To Scrub League Championship


Scrub basketball provides a venue for competitive, spirited, and sometimes raucous basketball, and while all players benefited from the Green Hornets winter season, the Memphis Grizzlies finished on top.

While the regular season provided an ample supply of close games, buzzer-beaters, upsets and emotion, it was the playoffs where the season quickly turned upside down. After two weekends and four rounds of playoff play, only one of the top eight seeds remained standing in the winner’s bracket. Like March Madness, underdog after underdog rallied to win. Uneasiness crept into the bracket as game outcomes became more and more uncertain.

With a dynamic draft full of sleeper picks, the Memphis Grizzlies rolled to an 11-1 regular season record. Motivated by little respect in the scrub Instagram power rankings, the team fired off six straight playoff victories to claim the title.

The Grizzlies were led by playmakers Jackson O’Brien and Gunner Foote, but in the end, aggressive defense down the stretch emerged as the key to victory. Filling out the team were Ben Campion, Avery Landis, Kody Phillips, Doug Schwartz, Eric Benner, Jake Smulow and Fletcher Warner.

Second place went to the Utah Jazz under the tutelage of Jon Fleisher. After a regular season on the brink, the Jazz rallied in the playoffs, producing upset after upset to grind their way to the championship game. Despite several close playoff wins and an exhausting number of minutes on the court, the Jazz ultimately fell short in the finals.

The Grizzlies were led by head coach Kevin Campion and assistant Brian Landis.


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