Fitting Fitness In


As a busy mom of three, business owner and chronic over-scheduler, it’s hard for me to find time. Often in life, we prioritize everything and everyone else over ourselves. What if you could start a fitness routine, carve time out for yourself, and feel good about the progress you are making toward a healthier lifestyle? Even though some of us have more time than others, I’ve found there are three core concepts that, if followed, will help maintain a consistent routine and enable you to integrate fitness into your life.

  1. So the most obvious: make a plan! I’m not talking about sitting in bed the night before and saying to yourself, “I should get up and work out before the kids wake up tomorrow.” Inevitably that snooze button gets hit until the kids are awake and that workout is skipped. I’m talking about literally scheduling time to exercise in advance. Every Sunday, I schedule my workouts on my calendar just like I schedule work meetings or appointments. If you have a partner who helps manage the day to day in your home, make a point to include him or her in your planning. Lean on those you trust to get you moving in the right direction.

  2. You don’t need to go all in! If you don’t have an exercise routine now, start small. Going from no routine to scheduling a five-mile run every day is probably not realistic. Start with an attainable goal and slowly ramp up. For example, walk to pick up your kids instead of sitting in the carpool lane. Maybe the next week, you layer in a jog with that walk. A lot of people don’t know where to start, but joining a local fitness studio can kick off your fitness journey, help you with your goals and offer a roadmap for success. Your routine needs to be sustainable so you can build up over time and be encouraged to stick with it.

  3. Do something you want to do! Don’t buy a stationary bike if spin already wasn’t your thing. If running isn’t your jam, maybe group fitness is a better fit. I realize everyone can try new things, but don’t force it. Find something you love to do. I personally love group fitness. I love the comradery of a studio, the scheduled classes and the accountability. Exercising at home has never been my thing, so I stick to what keeps me in a routine. Doing something you like to do promotes consistency. Exercise should be something you look forward to because you’ve chosen a plan that works for you.

It’s hard to prioritize time for yourself. In a world where we can be reached by anyone, anywhere, anytime, it’s easy to take a workout we’ve planned for ourselves and throw it on the backburner. Treat your health like any other commitment — make it enjoyable, sustainable and fun — and it will be easier to fit fitness into your life.

Check out Neighborhood Barre in Severna Park just a couple doors down from Café Mezzanotte in the River Reach Plaza. Need guidance on starting your fitness routine? Visit and sign up for your first class for free!


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