Dean Kyle Hits The Right Note With Eagle Scout Project


Broadneck High School senior and soon-to-be-graduate Dean Kyle recently reached Eagle Scout status for a project he finished in 2016, a project that brought music to many people’s ears.

“The reason I wanted to improve the field for my Eagle Scout project was because I saw a need,” he explained. “Mr. [Matt] Heist, my band director, was having trouble seeing the marching band during practices because of the brush on the hillside. He, also, was constantly dropping his stuff off the ledge of the staircase because there was nothing at the top to hold it. My project hasn’t helped the marching band as much as it has helped Mr. Heist because he can give us instructions and actually see the band to see if we’re following them correctly.”

Kyle cleared the hillside to make the field more visible, fixed the staircase so it was safe to traverse, and installed a music stand at the top so his band director would have a place to keep his stuff.

Kyle loves both music and scouting.

“Being part of the marching band has been one of the best experiences of my life,” he shared. “The things we can accomplish as a group after months of practice is simply mind-blowing, and being an Eagle Scout has been one of the biggest payoffs in my entire life.”

Kyle was a Boy Scout for seven years. Being an Eagle Scout, he said, has introduced him to countless opportunities.

“Employers and colleagues will see that I am an Eagle Scout, and because of that, they will know that I am a hard worker, am dedicated and will get the job done,” Kyle shared.

He still can’t forget the look on his teacher’s face when he completed his project.

“When Mr. Heist saw the results of my project, the look on his face was priceless,” Kyle said. “He was elated to see how well the music stand came out. He thanked me profusely and he has enjoyed the results for the past three years or so.”

Kyle’s mother, Dawn Hite, has only positive things to say about the project and about Kyle’s career thus far in scouting and music.

“I thought Kyle’s Eagle project was a great way for him to be of service to his band director, who he just loves,” Hite emphasized. “Mr. Heist really liked the music stand Kyle built for him. The stand, which Kyle built by hand entirely out of wood, is beautiful and functional for the director. I think he was very grateful for all the hard work that all of the kids put in to improve that area. The marching band spends a lot of time on that back field, so the project was very useful to the school and the band.”

She hopes someone can continue to trim the brush each year after Kyle leaves for college this fall. Kyle will attend Towson University to study forensic chemistry while minoring in clarinet performance.

Kyle has played clarinet since fourth grade and is considering joining a military band. He also has many other musical accolades: he is principal clarinet for Chesapeake Youth Symphony Orchestra in Annapolis, he is a co-section leader in the Broadneck marching band, he is first chair in the Broadneck wind ensemble, and he has been first chair in the All-County band and orchestra.

His passion for music is rivaled only by his enthusiasm for scouting, which he has participated in since first grade.

“I think both scouting and music have given Kyle stability and helped define who he is,” Hite said. “He is very sure of himself musically, and then he gained a lot of confidence from running that Eagle Scout project from beginning to end. He was worried that because of his youth, the older scouts wouldn't listen to him during the project, but he showed great skills in managing that project.”

One thing is for sure, Kyle has left a lasting tribute to the Broadneck High School band and to his troop in Crofton.


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