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In our May edition, we featured a Meet the Candidates segment with bios on the people running for office. With early voting for the primary election starting on July 7 and Election Day scheduled for July 19, we asked the candidates about their priorities and experience.

While not every candidate could respond, we hope the responses we collected will inform voters headed to the polls this month. Some responses have been edited due to space limitations.


James McNeill

What would be your three priorities upon taking office?

  • To serve all citizens of Anne Arundel County.
  • To keep the sheriff's office transparent.
  • To fulfill the duties of the Anne Arundel County Sheriff's Office in a fair, professional and dignified manner. And to inspire and maintain the confidence and trust of the public.

What would be the greatest challenge you would face in this office?

Educating the public on the duties and responsibilities of the sheriff's office. Although this question is broad. There will be challenges presented every day. I will address every challenge as presented and address them in a fair and professional way.

What aspect of your background or your experience sets you apart from others running for this office?

I not only have 23 years of law enforcement experience, but I have been a self-employed business owner for 33 years. This experience has given me the unique ability to make a fair and concise decision, to think outside the box, to lead others and instill confidence, to listen to others, and to work together with others no matter what viewpoint they have. These abilities, among other traits I have developed from my experiences, make me a unique and qualified candidate for the office of sheriff in Anne Arundel County.

Warren Porter

What would be your three priorities upon taking office?

My top three priorities would be:

  1. Restructuring the sheriff’s office warrant service procedures to effectively and efficiently arrest violent offenders while keeping the deputies in service and alleviating the stress put on the Anne Arundel County Police Department.
  2. Meet with commanders and supervisors to ensure that fair and equal practices throughout the sheriff’s office are adhered to. This would include transfers to special units/assignments, special details, training and, most importantly, promotions. I would change the current administrative policies that encourage gender bias and re-establish fairness and equality throughout the office.
  3. Work to re-establish effective communication and information sharing with allied agencies through technology, meetings and cross training.

What would be the greatest challenge you would face in this office?

The greatest challenge facing the sheriff’s office year after year is the reduction of warrants, particularly violent offender warrants. I would update and revamp an outdated system, reinstitute weekend warrant service and evaluate restructuring warrant squads to be more productive.

What aspect of your background or your experience sets you apart from others running for this office?

Having 30 years of service in law enforcement, including 20 years with the Baltimore City Police Department, I have gained a wealth of street experience working in one of the busiest departments and a top 10 largest police department in the country.

I have worked patrol and specialized units, to include the tactical section during my tenure with the Baltimore Police Department. No one else in this election can claim that level of law enforcement experience. I am currently an Anne Arundel County deputy of 10 years. Again, the other candidates running for the sheriff cannot claim they have my level of experience.

I have been “boots on the ground” during my tenure in the sheriff’s office, serving warrants and working the streets. I have interacted with the community daily and know the people of Anne Arundel County want a safer community. Anyone can sit in an office and make failed policies based on assumptions and misinformation. I am out in the community every day, interacting with the citizens, not dictating policy from the office.

I know what our community wants and needs. They want good leadership with practical knowledge and experience, which will effectively improve the safety of Anne Arundel County.

Everett Sesker

What would be your three priorities upon taking office?

  1. Warrants
  • We need to get a grasp on the outstanding warrants. If a judge, law enforcement officer or citizen takes the time to file paperwork asking for the arrest of an individual, it is the responsibility of the sheriff’s office to follow through on it.
  1. Domestic Violence
  • Under my leadership, the Office of the Sheriff will monitor domestic violence cases throughout the entirety of the court process to ensure the victim’s safety. No victim of domestic violence should ever feel abandoned.
  1. Establishing working partnerships with the other law enforcement agencies (listed below) in Anne Arundel County. The law enforcement team in Anne Arundel County must work together to be successful.
  • State’s Attorney’s Office
  • Anne Arundel County Police Department
  • City of Annapolis Police Department
  • Crofton Police Department
  • Maryland State Police

What would be the greatest challenge that you would face in this office?

Re-establishing the trust of the community. During the past years, the actions of few have strained community relations for law enforcement agencies across the country. I will regain that trust through engagement and outreach programs that serve the needs of our citizens. The office of the sheriff will become an integral part of the community under my leadership.

What aspect of your background or your experience sets you apart from others running for this office?

My law enforcement background is vast. As a major with the Prince George’s County Police Department, I served as the commander of the training and education division, narcotic enforcement division, community services division, and as a district station commander. I commanded more than 300 personnel, managed $300,000 budgets, and collaborated closely with the Maryland State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Drug Enforcement Administration to solve community problems.

Upon retirement, I was appointed by the governor to serve as the executive director of the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission, where I oversaw certification for all law enforcement officers in the state. My experience, leadership, knowledge and ability to develop meaningful working relationships, combined with my compassion for the community where I grew up, is what sets me apart from the other candidates for Anne Arundel County sheriff.

Joe Delimater and Jim Fredericks could not be reached.


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