Broadneck Community Library Hosts Best-Selling Author Peggy Rowe


New York Times bestselling author Peggy Rowe is scheduled to visit Broadneck Community Library on July 1 for a book signing and reading of her debut novel, “About My Mother: True Stories of a Horse-Crazy Daughter and Her Baseball-Obsessed Mother.” Rowe, born and raised in Baltimore, admittedly loves writing, horses and family, and she managed to weave all of those topics into a witty, heartwarming memoir highlighting the importance of love and acceptance.

According to Rowe, when she was a child, she and her mother were polar opposites. Her mother, Thelma Knobel, was a refined lady who enjoyed watching ballet, opera and symphonies while moonlighting as a die-hard Baltimore Orioles fan. On the other hand, Rowe was a horse-riding tomboy, uninterested in refinement or professional baseball. Naturally, their personalities clashed and Rowe resisted her mother’s efforts to raise her as a proper lady, which resulted in endless amusing accounts of their mismatched personalities.

Years later, when Rowe began writing for newspapers and magazines, including the Baltimore Sun, she sometimes shared short stories or anecdotes about her mother. According to the author, stories about her relationship with her mother always turned out to be fan favorites. Further, Rowe garnered even more attention when she unwittingly became a contributor to her son, Mike Rowe’s, Facebook page. Best known for the hit TV series “Dirty Jobs,” Rowe’s son frequently shared her texts, conversations or short stories with his social media followers. From there, her work began getting a lot attention, so much so that she eventually gained her own following on social media. Then, one day, she decided if she could finish a manuscript that pieced together memories about her relationship with her mother and laced it with lighthearted humor, people would read it. That is where it all began, and at 80 years old, Rowe published her first novel.

When referring to “About My Mother,” Rowe playfully said “there is no sex, no violence and no [bad] language in the book, but you will enjoy it anyway!” According to the author and her thousands of social media followers, the novel is a humorous, feel-good book that focuses on family relationships and loving people for who they are. “Anyone who is a family person, or shares a love of family, will like this book,” Rowe said.

Broadneck Community Library will host Rowe on Monday, July 1, at 6:30pm. Seating for the event is limited, so registration is required and will begin June 17. Attendees may register by visiting the branch or calling 410-222-1905. Readers can connect with Rowe on Facebook through her page titled “About My Mother” where she entertains more than 102,000 followers.


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