Brandon Taub Operates Successful Milk Delivery Business


By Maya Pottiger

Thought of as a thing of the past, the desire for a door-to-door milkman is still alive, a fact proven by Brandon Taub.

Taub, a 14-year-old, currently spends his Saturday mornings delivering dairy products — milk, eggs and yogurt — to families in Severna Park and Arnold neighborhoods. His business, which is roughly one year old, is called Flying Cow Organics.

“I heard stories about the milkman and stuff, and one day it popped in my head,” Taub said. “I thought it would be a convenient thing for people to still have, it just wasn’t around anymore. That was the driving factor.”

Taub partnered with South Mountain Creamery in Frederick to get the dairy products. He currently delivers to 25 families, but has had nearly 40 families rotate in and out of his delivery service since it started.

“Saturday mornings, we go deliver to people,” Taub said. “They have coolers out, and we swap for the empty container.”

To start, Taub did a trial month with the neighbors in his cul-de-sac. Before the month was up, his business spread through word of mouth, and he was already getting calls from more customers.

“It happened really rapidly,” Taub said. “It was two weeks in, and we had phone calls from other people.”

What sets products from South Mountain Creamery apart from grocery store products is that they’re really fresh, Taub said.

“I’ve seen the operation; it’s really fast,” Taub said. “They get it out, and within three days, you’re drinking the milk.”

Flying Cow Organics has been so successful that Taub was able to buy himself a Mini Cooper.

“It was pretty beat up, but I’ve been working on it,” Taub said. “By the time I’m 16, it’ll be perfect. That was the whole idea of getting it younger: so I can work on it.”

Taub, an eighth-grader at Severn School, said he plans to study business in college. He attributes his interest in running a business to his dad, who owns R2integrated.

“I’ve always looked up to him,” Taub said. “I like running a business because I get to make the decisions, so that’s pretty freeing.”

Email to learn how to get Flying Cow Organics products delivered to your door.


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