Baked Goods And Desserts That Will Sweeten Your Holiday


The holidays are a time for families and friends to gather and make warm, sweet memories together. While this sentiment largely appeals to the heart, there are also warm and sweet ways to satisfy one’s palate.

Shoppers luckily do not have to look far to appease both. Several community bakeries, restaurants and shops have holiday treats and delicacies for Christmas, Thanksgiving and every other holiday.

Julianne Brown, owner of Cakes and Confections Bakery Café, said it’s hard to go wrong with pumpkin pie. “But we have several pumpkin alternatives like pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin cream cheese rolls and our pumpkin Smith Island cake,” she added.

Garry’s Grill also provides delicious baked goods for any time of day. Its November specials, including the cranberry apple muffins and fresh cinnamon doughnut holes, are just two examples.

“The holiday season is to be celebrated with delicious favorites such as gingerbread, peppermint, chocolate, marshmallows and more,” said Garry’s Grill owner Eddie Conway. “The holiday season lets you reminisce on favored memories, and the flavors we eat should also remind us of these good times. The warm flavors of the season not only warm our loved ones during cold weather but also our hearts.”

While treasured memories aren’t for sale at any of the local delicatessens, shoppers can purchase delicious items to enjoy while making new memories.

“Unfortunately, you can’t go into town to buy Grandma’s famed holiday cookies or pie, or can you?” joked Conway. “At Garry’s Grill, family is a staple in not only the atmosphere but also the food. The baked goods are all made in house and yet they all have the feeling of cooking with Grandma. This is because our pastry chef found her love of baking and pastries while baking in the kitchen with her grandmother as a child. Our pastry chef has combined her knowledge from her grandmother and culinary school in order to create wonderful desserts, which have brought in the award of Best Desserts for 2017 and 2018 from the Severna Park Voice.”

Brown is also proud of the desserts her bakery offers. She urges customers to ask for any treats they desire, but some are especially popular during the holidays.

“For Thanksgiving, it’s probably a tie between our pumpkin Smith Island cake, our pumpkin cream cheese roll and our deep-dish pumpkin pie,” she said. “And at Christmastime, we do beautiful, delicious yule logs.”

Garry’s Grill offers something a bit different for favorite holiday treats. “Our restaurant’s most popular holiday special is the chocolate peppermint cheesecake,” noted Conway. “This dessert combines the rich chocolate brownie base with a light cheesecake that is just the right amount of peppermint flavor.”

These two eateries have prepared for special orders that any customers may request. Cakes and Confections asks for a week of notice for all holiday orders.

At Garry’s Grill, Conway has been collecting Thanksgiving orders since October. “If a customer emails the pastry chef directly or comes into the store, we can create a one-of-a-kind custom dessert with just about any ingredients we can get our hands on,” he said. “If you are a little short on time but still want something unique, it is best to place your order no later than a week before pickup. After that, choices will be limited to the ingredients we keep on hand, and we would need about three days’ notice for this.”

Still looking for another treat to satisfy your sweet tooth? Kirsten’s Cakery is known for its pumpkin, caramel and pecan pies; chocolate truffle cakes; and cupcakes ranging in flavor from gingerbread to eggnog.

Delicious baked goods and desserts are not far away. Call or visit these shops soon to place a holiday order.


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