At Ledo Pizza, Patrons Get More Than A Square Deal


It's always a pleasure to visit Ledo Pizza in Severna Park. Family-friendly and casual, it's a "feel good," unpretentious place to enjoy some good Italian and American food.

My dining companion and I arrived on a drizzly, chilly Sunday afternoon. A friendly welcome and soft mix of late ‘90s and country music helped us warm up and provided a comfy feel you want in a neighborhood restaurant.

Our server, Abbie, was cheerful, professional, and quick to provide suggestions for appetizers and entrees.

We kicked off our meal with a small order of hot wings and Ledo’s famous spicy, toasted mini ravioli.

My dining companion considers himself a wings connoisseur and gave the wings a strong thumbs-up, declaring them meaty, flavorful and finger-licking good. He also emphasized they were seasoned at just the right level of "hot." They had enough kick for those who like their food fiery while not taking it to the level where you taste only the burn.

I've enjoyed the ravioli in the past. Still, since Abbie said they're the most requested, I decided to savor them once more. Toasty but not crunchy on the outside, sprinkled with cheese, and stuffed with soft, melted ricotta and jalapenos, these little treats, like the wings, have just the right "bite."

Friends also recommended the spinach salad – so we chose to share this healthy dish. We were surprised at the generous portion of spinach. Topped with provolone cheese, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onions and croutons, the salad hit the spot, though more of these toppings and maybe one or two other additions would have livened it up a bit.

For our entrée, since we were at Ledo, we indulged, of course, in pizza. Though there are many "craft" pizzas and build-your-own options, we chose the most popular, the classic "deluxe.”

Our pizza was classic Ledo: thin-crusted, square and baked to perfection, with thick-sliced, spicy pepperonis; crispy bacon; and hamburger, along with veggies – mushrooms, onions and green peppers. It's a meat eater's meal: savory, flavorful and filling. I would have preferred it warmer and with more of their scrumptious sauce.

We also split a giant vegetable calzone — a baked turnover stuffed with veggies and cheese and served with the Ledo dipping sauce. This is comfort food for carb lovers at its best. What's not to love about biting into flaky pastry stuffed with yummy, gooey melted cheese, with sauteed mushrooms, onions and green peppers?

We grabbed a packaged brownie for dessert. It was tasty, but ordinary. The chocolate cheese cupcake looked good, and there were other take-and-go items in the front that looked appealing.

Overall, the meal was delightful and filling with large portions, friendly service and a fair price. The cost for all, without drinks, was $60.

There are many more menu items to try – sandwiches, soups, pasta dishes, and a new Bavarian hot pretzel. Perhaps we'll give those a shot on our next trip.

Ledo is a neighborhood favorite, and it's nice to know that it originated in Adelphi, Maryland, in 1955 — a time when pizzas were traditionally made in rectangular pans. When round pizza pans became popular, Ledo Pizza continued with the rectangular shape; maybe that's what gives them an edge!


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