Alliana Snead Looks Forward To Clean Future


One of Alliana Snead’s first memories is living on a boat when she was in second grade. Her family sailed up to Philadelphia and then down to the Bahamas. It was during this trip that she found a passion for the water.

After finishing top three in her class at Indian Creek School, Snead will attend the University of Connecticut in the fall to study chemical engineering. She wants to help clean up the environment.

“We’re always on the water or living next to it,” Snead said. “I see all the debris wash up or I see the brown water and I’m like, ‘Ugh, that’s gross.’”

Ultimately, Snead wants to work for the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

“I really like chemistry, working in a lab,” Snead said. “I want to figure out a way to turn chemical engineering to focus on the water quality and environment and help clean up the world around us because it’s a mess.”

Snead spends a lot of time on the water. She was captain of her school’s sailing team and completed a two-year thesis on the Marylanders Grow Oysters program. Snead earned her school’s STEM Award after presenting her thesis.

At the University of Connecticut, Snead will be a STEM Scholar, which is part of the Honors Program. She also received scholarships from the Anne Arundel Watermen’s Association and Federal Water Quality Association.

Outside of STEM activities, Snead also sang in Indian Creek’s Solo Choir, sang in the All Children’s Chorus of Annapolis and was part of Art Honor Society at Indian Creek.

“The school community, they really encourage people to do everything. They make it easy to explore what you like,” Snead said. “It was really helpful to figure out my values and interests and hobbies.”

Snead is not alone in her love of school. Her twin sister, Emma, graduated as the salutatorian of Broadneck High School.

“I didn’t have a doubt that she would be top of her class, but it was really nice to know that we both were,” Snead said. “We’re always going to be close to each other and do the same things.”

Snead said she is happy to have gone to a school that fostered an environment of inquiry and passion.

“Because everyone was so interested in what they’re doing, it helped me continue to be interested in what I was doing,” Snead said. “When you’re passionate about something surrounded by other passionate people, it helps.”


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