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Vince awesome. Thanks for the approval. So, if people start developing health problems that are linked to 5G, can we quote you?

People, use Google or another search engine to decide for yourselves. There are learned scientists worldwide who are getting VERY concerned about this. They're scientists with PhD's who spend their entire days researching millimeter RF and its effects on the human body and brain. Google "3G frequencies and diabetes in rats". There are thousands of research papers and articles written by impartial scientists, not "rf engineers" or FCC Chairpersons who have direct links to the telecom industry. Want to get sick right now - look at a list of the past 20 or 30 FCC Chairpersons. Some were lobbyists or direct officers of companies like Verizon while holding their positions at the FCC.

What happened to the FCC? I appeared before of the head of the Private radio Bureau back in the 80's to petition for addition AM frequencies for Traveler's Advisory Radio stations. It was like herding cats. Now, cell companies own the FCC. Isn't government grand?

Does anyone wonder why the cell providers are in such a hurry to get this in your backyard? Didn't we go through this same "sorority rush" trick with Thalidomide, and filtered cigarettes, and vaping? Poor George Santayana. He said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". No one listened to him. Were he still alive, he would be fuming.

To quote the grandmother in the movie Arthur, "It's all about the money".

Here's a quote from an article about Sweden and their concern over 5G:

"Once upon a time, canary birds were used in mines to detect whether there were poisonous gases in the mining areas. Canary birds were used this way until the mid-1950s before they were replaced by modern technology. Now the introduction of the new generation mobile radiation, 5G, is planned in Umeå.

The first university hospital and the university with 5G in Europe will be introduced without the risks to man and the environment of technology being investigated. Over 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries require 5G to be stopped.

On September 13, 2017, they sent a joint appeal to the EU Commission, inviting the EU to wait for the expansion of 5G until the risks to health and the environment are investigated. The researchers warn of the letter of serious health risks, including neurological effects, infertility and cancer due to. the greatly increasing microwave radiation that 5G entails ( 5G is being developed before ensuring that there are harmful consequences for human health or the environment. There is no research on health effects of 5G. A drug would never be approved without prior testing of the drug in clinical trials. There is therefore a good reason to call the introduction of 5G in Umeå for a giant, unethical experiment with people that contravenes the Nuremberg Convention."

From: The Great Small-Cell Debate

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