SPCC “Soaring To New Heights” Gala Honors Larry Sells


If you live in Severna Park, you just might know Larry Sells.

Considering the number of organizations he’s involved with, it’s hard not to. Sells announces games at Severna Park High School, is on the board of the Severna Park Community Center, served on the board of the Pasadena Business Association, coached for Green Hornets, does outreach with St. Martin’s-in-the-Field and heads the sales team here at the Severna Park Voice.

These were among the many reasons Sells was recently honored at the Severna Park Community Center’s 2018 gala, which was themed “Soaring to New Heights” and exceeded its fundraising goal of $140,000 with more than 200 people in attendance. Sells described the honor as overwhelming, unbelievable and unexpected.

“Larry Sells is the epitome of a community servant, a tireless supporter of many local worthy causes,” said Sarah Elder, executive director of the Severna Park Community Center. “His dedication to the Severna Park Community Center was evident throughout the gala, as he encouraged the local business community to support the work through sponsorships, ticket sales and more — truly honoree-worthy in all respects.

David Orso, who serves as chairman of the community center’s board of directors, echoed Elder’s sentiments. “Larry Sells epitomizes the term ‘all-in,’” Orso said. “He connects people from all walks of life with diverse interests to our wonderful community, whether it is a small-business owner who needs a connection or a youth program needing fundraising support. Larry is totally committed to helping others and promoting this community.”

Though he is heavily involved in the Severna Park community, Sells was born in a small factory and farming town of 20,000 in Indiana.

“To succeed, you had to leave,” Sells said. “You could stay there and make a living, but not at the standard that would be offered elsewhere.”

After a three-year stint in Nashville, Tennessee, Sells took a job promotion that brought him to Severna Park 31 years ago. He hasn’t lived anywhere as long as Severna Park.

“The culture here is unbelievable,” Sells said. “All the things that are offered here, it’s just a quilt of a lot of cool things.”

Severna Park is “not a sit-and-be-quiet kind of a place,” Sells said. This culture has drawn him into many things.

“We’ve been blessed with a lot of great things, a lot of incredible experiences. I think you have to give back,” Sells said. “We’re not here long, and if we’re going to be on this earth, why not spend time making it a better place to be, especially where you live?”

One of the ways Sells has given back is emceeing a local event to fight colorectal cancer. Held at Severna Park Lanes in January, the event raised more than $10,000. In June, Sells will emcee the same event in Nashville, taking it to a national platform.

Of all the organizations Sells has a hand in, one of his favorites is announcing games at Severna Park High School. Now in his 18th year, Sells said he started announcing games before the current seniors playing in them were born.

“It’s so much more fun to watch Severna Park High School sports when you don’t have a kid in the game,” Sells said. “I really just enjoy watching them play the game and watching them grow and get better and do cool things.”

He knows his announcing days will one day end, and Sells said it will be very hard to give up.

But Sells isn’t slowing down.

“Anybody that’s looking for that announcer seat, they can wait for a long time because I’m not giving that up anytime soon,” he said.

Sells would like to thank his wife, Robin, as well as his friends, his clients, everyone at the community center, and all those who helped him along the way.

“I’m most grateful,” Sells said. “It’s humbling.”


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