September 22, 2018
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  • Weekend Events September 21-23

    Happy Friday! Here’s to a (hopefully!) rain-free weekend! Things are really picking up around town, and there’s a lot going on! Whether you’re looking for an outdoor concert or to give back to the community, there’s something for you. Here are our weekend highlights:...
  • Weekend Events September 14-16

    We’ve reached the end of another work week, and it’s time for the weekend! A special highlight this weekend is the 66th Annual Anne Arundel County Fair, which kicked off on Wednesday. As you know, Hurricane Florence has made landfall over the Carolinas and is set to bring a lot of rain...
  • Weekend Events September 7-9

    Congratulations! You made it through the first week of school! Now it’s time to have fun. There are plenty of ways to get outside this weekend, whether you’re being courted at RennFest or relaxing and listening to live music. With storms in the forecast, keep an eye out for any...
  • Although a sign directs students to cross Benfield Road at one of the nearby crosswalks, many students disregard the sign, much to the concern of residents who live nearby.

    Residents Express Concern Over Pedestrian Crossing And Traffic Flow Along New SPHS Campus

    Construction of the new Severna Park High School wrapped up at the end of 2016, and demolition of the old school and creation of the parking lots and athletic fields concluded in spring 2018. There remain, however, a few problems left to be solved before life goes back to normal along Benfield Road...



  • Chamber Update

    We are excited to announce our newest members of the chamber: Gallery 564, owned by Mike Brown; Merritt Financial – Michael Green; Coldwell Banker – Cara McKendrick; Perfectly Posh, owned by Susan Coghlan; and Hand and Stone – Nova Amos. We are also excited to announce that M&T Bank will become a Bronze chamber member, and Griswold Home Care will become a Silver chamber member.

    The Eastern District’s National Night Out was held on August 7 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm at Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company. Community members enjoyed demonstrations, free food, games and friendly interactions with local police, fire and emergency responders. Thank you to John...
  • Donna and Mike Reilly hope that the future of Molly Maid is as bright as the last 20 years.

    Molly Maid Is No Scrub When It Comes To Housecleaning

    Arnold-Based Business Celebrates 20th Anniversary Dusty windowsills, grimy countertops and soup-splattered microwaves are often the byproducts of busy schedules, but for 20 years, Molly Maid of Central Anne Arundel County has kept houses clean when residents simply haven’t have the time...
  • What really makes ExpressCare special is the follow-up that the staff provides. “Every patient who comes in gets a follow-up call the next day to see how they’re doing and if they have any further questions or any further needs,” said Mel Kougle, director of marketing (right).

    ExpressCare Takes The Hassle Out Of Health Care

    Illness and injury don’t wait until it’s a convenient time for you to visit your doctor. And when it’s not a convenient time, it’s good to know that ExpressCare Urgent Care Centers are there — even in the evening and on the weekend, with no appointment necessary....
  • Pay Yourself First When Planning For Retirement

    My father is the best man I know. He was the type of father who led by example. He was not the person to constantly tell me what to do or how to do things. He would show me how to do things by doing them. He was the epitome of “do what I do.” One of his mottoes was “pay yourself...

School & YouthSchool

  • Behind The Scenes Of Fall SportsExclusive

    The temperatures were high and the nights were long, but as summer came to a close, the athletes of Severna Park High School were working hard on and off the field to prepare for the upcoming season. From 6:00am practices to 6:00pm conditioning, there was always a team to be seen around the school...

Arts & EntertainmentArts & Entertainment

  • Headshot

    Severna Park Filmmaker Aims To Engage And Inform

    Fantasy And Symbolism Are Hallmarks Of Lindsay Corriveau’s Work As a child, she was enamored of the tale of children stumbling through a wardrobe to find a mythical world plagued by perpetual winter. Then came the story of a wizard with a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead. And later,...

Politics & OpinionPolitics & Opinion

  • Local Results In The Primary Election

    The results are in following the primary election yesterday, June 26, and here are the names that will be on the ballot for local offices this coming November.

    County Executive
    Steve Schuh (R)
    Steuart Pittman (D)

    County Council - District 5
    Amanda Fiedler (R)
    Dawn Myers (D)

    Delegates - District 33
    Sid Saab (R)
    Michael Malone (R)
    Tony McConkey (R)
    Heather Bagnall (D)
    Tracie Hovermale (D)
    Pam Luby (D)

    Senator - District 33
    Ed Reilly (R)
    Eve Hurwitz (D)

    State's Attorney
    Wes Adams (R)
    Anne Leitess (D)

    Clerk of the Circuit Court
    Doug Arnold (R)
    Scott Poyer (D)

    Register of Wills
    Lauren M. Parker (R)
    Joseph J. Janosky (D)

    Judge of the Orphans'...
  • Questions And Answers With The CandidatesExclusive

    Last month, we were pleased to introduce to our readers the many candidates running in the upcoming primary election on June 26. This month, we had three broad questions we wanted to put forth to each of the candidates. We wanted to know from each of them: 1. What would be your three biggest...
  • Meet The Candidates

    In anticipation of the primary election coming up on Tuesday, June 26, the Severna Park Voice invited each of the candidates for public office to submit a short bio letting readers know who they are. This is what the people asking for your vote want you to know about them:   County Executive...
  • AAGOP Central Committee Announces Vacancies In District 31

    The Republican State Central Committee of Anne Arundel County today announced two committee member vacancies in District 31 (Glen Burnie, Pasadena, Brooklyn Park, Severna Park, Millersville). These vacancies were created by former committee members Michael Peroutka and Nathan Volke, both of whom...

Health & FitnessHealth & Fitness

  • Choose To Drink Water

    Sugary drinks contribute to tooth decay. Acidic drinks cause erosion that wears away healthy tooth enamel. The average teenager drinks more than 60 gallons of soft drinks per year. A better choice is water.

    Q: What is in a sports drink?

    A: Most sports drinks contain water, salt and sugar. Energy drinks add caffeine and herbal extracts. These drinks can have a pH as low as 3 to 4. The frequent ingestion of sugar in sodas, energy and sports drinks leads to tooth decay.

    Sugars are broken down into acids. These acids then break down the tooth. After the last intake of sugar, tooth plaque bacteria give off acids for up to 20 minutes. If you constantly sip drinks, your teeth can’t...
  • Back To School: How To Have A Healthy, Safe School Year

    The start of a new school year brings many questions not only for students but for parents as well. Here are some common questions that parents might have regarding the health and safety of their children when they’re in the classroom.   My Child Needs To Take Medication At School...
  • What You Need To Know About Lyme Disease

    Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in Anne Arundel County, as well as in Maryland and the United States. Cases of Lyme disease are found throughout the county and are not concentrated in any particular area. The county had 126 cases of Lyme disease in 2017, 175 cases in 2016, 107...
  • Who’s Holding You Back?

    I talked to a member of our gym the other day about the workout she just finished. She was smiling and could not contain how excited she was for what she was about to say. During her workout, there was an exercise she had not performed before. She told me that, as she approached this movement,...

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