June 29, 2016
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  • How Can You Declare Your Financial Independence?Exclusive

    Next week, we observe the Fourth of July with sparklers, picnics and parades. And living in a country that offers so much freedom, we have a lot to celebrate. But on a more personal level, you may still be working toward another type of independence: financial independence. What can you do to speed your progress toward this goal? Here are some ideas to think about:
    Free yourself from excessive fear. It’s not hard for investors to find something to fear. Oil prices, interest rates, political squabbles, even natural disasters – at any given time, each of these factors (and many more) might be blamed for volatility in the financial markets. In response, many people take a time-out...

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  • Is Anyone Happy With The School System Monopoly?

    The county council is putting the finishing touches on both the operating budget and the capital budget for Fiscal Year 2017. By the time we vote to finalize (“strike”) the budget, we will have considered dozens of amendments in an effort to establish a spending plan for the county that is comprehensive, prudent and affordable.
    Pursuant to our county charter, which you might call our local constitution, the budget is developed by the county executive and presented to the county council for approval. The council, in turn, generally cannot add to the spending plan but can only vote to cut spending from the budget that has been presented by the administration.
    As with any...
  • The Practical And Personal Importance Of Valuing Education

    With the recent actions of the Maryland General Assembly and the Anne Arundel County School Board Nominating Commission, I want to discuss why I and every county executive before me have taken a strong interest in the school board of Anne Arundel County. There are two main reasons. The first is...
  • Why Democrats Hate The Prospect Of An Elected School Board

    What do you call a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but behaves in a way that contradicts those beliefs? The answer: Democrat. Democrats will tell anyone who listens that they represent the party of the people; they are the self-proclaimed champions of...
  • School Board Terms Have Not Expired

    It is without precedent that the School Board Nominating Commission is seeking nominations to replace two school board members – board president Stacy Korbelak from District 21 and at-large member Patricia Nalley – a full 14 months before their terms expire in July 2017. The current...

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  • Anne Arundel County Combats Zika Virus

    Anne Arundel County has recently joined the fight against the Zika virus. Throughout the United States, 544 cases of Zika have been reported, with 19 of these incidents originating in Maryland. So far, no Zika cases in Maryland have resulted from transmission, but cases have resulted from residents...

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