RASA Juice Offers Personalized Wellness


RASA Juice Shop is not your average juice store. The juices at RASA Juice are carefully designed for specific health benefits and to promote an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, but the shop’s main goal is to promote wellness.

“Our shop is a sustainable lifestyle hub for wellness,” said RASA Juice Shop CEO and founder Lisa Consiglio Ryan. “That means that we offer health coaching, we know the nutritional background of things that we sell and we're integrative nutrition based.”

A self-proclaimed former dieter with a troubled relationship with food, Consiglio Ryan left her job as a teacher in Prince George's County and took up holistic healing and nutrition. She started Whole Health Design to share her knowledge and passion for the anti-inflammatory lifestyle with others. After being in business for a decade, Consiglio Ryan opened the RASA Juice Shop in 2018 as an extension of that mission.

“We're still niche and we're still different,” said Consiglio Ryan. “This isn't like New York or California, where they're used to juice shops on every corner.”

RASA Juice is known for using organic and locally grown produce and for prioritizing taste. Each of the ingredients in the juices has a purpose.

“We're very into personalized wellness,” said Consiglio Ryan. “That is the cutting edge of what's going on and the trends in wellness. Epigenetics is huge and knowing what your body does is powerful instead of someone else's body or following a diet.”

Many people come to RASA Juice for its personalized cleanses. Consiglio Ryan has perfected her recipes and she fine-tunes the experiences based on each customer’s specific goals. She has juices to target bloating, promote digestion and even help the client sleep at night.

“So the first thing that you decide on is what your health goal is,” said Consiglio Ryan. “If someone has weight loss and they want to lose 10 pounds, I suggest a three-day cleanse or a five-day cleanse, and then we go from there.”

Consiglio Ryan’s favorite juices are Power Green and Refresh, but she said her customers have a clear favorite.

“Bliss Out has been the No. 1 top seller for the past eight years,” said Consiglio Ryan. “Babies and toddlers drink it, kids drink it and grandparents drink it. That is everyone's favorite pretty much.”

RASA Juice also offers catering services. The company has catered everything from conferences and meetings to intimate weddings and baby showers. Consiglio Ryan, who has published a cookbook, “Go Clean, Sexy You,” with over 100 recipes, works with clients to customize a menu for their event. RASA Juice’s juice bar has become popular with bridal showers and bachelorette parties.

The shop also features sustainable and locally made products such as candles, soaps, beauty items and more. Consiglio Ryan also hosts yoga, meditation and other wellness classes, which have been on hold due to the pandemic but will return in the future.

The team at RASA Juice is invested in making the community a healthier place.

“They already are interested in health,” Consiglio Ryan said of her staff. “They understand nutrition. They're able to help with personalized wellness, and they're really excited to be here because it's a fun job.”

Consiglio Ryan would love to eventually see this community on the list of the healthiest communities in the country. She would also eventually like to open additional locations, own a food truck, open a wellness retreat center and help those in the “food desert” by working with local legislators.

To experience the joys of the RASA Juice Shop, find the store at 90 Maryland Avenue in downtown Annapolis. RASA Juice also delivers to Severna Park for free. For more information, visit www.rasajuiceshop.com or call 410-570-4597.


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