Letter To The Editor: The Poem "World War COVID"


Dear editor,

How are you? I am writing to you about the choice of putting the poem “World War COVID” in your newspaper. I think this was a very good choice and that our current situation relates greatly to a war. The COVID-19 global pandemic, I think, relates a lot to a war. Some examples of the similarities include how factories and businesses, which usually produce certain items, have now shut down and started producing masks and other supplies for the quarantine. For example, Nike usually makes shoes and clothes, but they are making supplies for the pandemic. I also could relate this to a war in how we have armies of doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical workers all around the world that are fighting a lot of this war for us on the front lines. The final way I could relate our situation to a war is how we have random people from all over the world doing their part in helping. People are doing their part by just staying home, to making ventilators with their 3-D printers, and donating food to the less fortunate.

This poem also reminded me that a war is not won in just one battle. World War II took a while and many battles before the Allies won! I think COVID is the same way. There are many battles going on all over the world. We have gotten through a major battle of the hardship of quarantining and going on a pause with schools, sports and businesses temporarily closing to keep us safe. Now we are able to start opening up again. But we also have to be careful because a new battle is beginning. Some places that have started to open back up are seeing COVID go up now. We still have to have our guard up and be ready for the enemy to attack.

We have to act smart and safe.

While we wait for the big win of the COVID pandemic ending, we need to look for the little wins that are happening. All wars have little wins before they are over. One small win is that people have time to learn new things. For example, I am learning the guitar, basketball and perfecting backflips. Since people have more time, they are able to be together more with their families and appreciate the family members they miss more. Another win is that a lot of people are volunteering their time and skill.

I think we will win the war over COVID. Hopefully, there will be a vaccine soon. War is very horrible and very tiring. I think we are feeling that right now. I am tired of staying home and not being able to do my normal stuff. But we cannot give up! We have to stay strong and fight the good fight.


Cooper Alahverdian, age 13


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