Letter To The Editor: Carcinogens


With cancer rates on the rise, notably among young people, it is time to examine possible causes. Many cancers are caused by substances called carcinogens. Substances that could potentially cause cancer are known as class 1 or class 2 carcinogens, and substances known with certainty to cause cancer are called class 1 carcinogens. Processed meats, such as deli meats and hot dogs, contain class 1 carcinogens, putting them in the same class as cigarettes. Cigarettes require a warning label making people aware of the risks associated with exposure. Processed meats do not. I propose regulation to spread awareness through labeling.

As stated in federal law Title 15 Chapter 36, titled the Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act, cigarette packaging is required to contain a warning label informing consumers of the risks they pose to health, notably the increased risk of cancer. This simple legislation could be applied to processed meats, raising awareness among consumers who may otherwise be unaware of their risks. I believe that regulation is urgently needed to help consumers make more informed decisions because of rising national and worldwide cancer rates.

Evangeline Roath
Archbishop Spalding student


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