Healthy Holiday Party Tips


The holiday season can be such an exciting time of year for many. It’s fun to spend time with family and friends, socialize, and partake in all the festivities the season has to offer.

However, it is also a time for overindulging in all the specialty food favorites that we love and crave. How can we enjoy the holiday season and stay healthy and fit when ringing in the New Year without any unwanted extra calories to burn? Here are a few suggestions to help you stay on track and to remind ourselves that there are healthy choices.

  1. Drink water. Most of us need more water. The benefits of drinking water are numerous. Water consumption can decrease blood pressure, prevent dehydration, keep skin healthy, increase energy levels and keep major body organs functioning optimally. Water also provides a great way to feel full.
  2. Choose healthy options. There are usually healthy options available. Fruit and vegetable platters on the appetizer side are great options. However, vegetables and sides with a lot of creams and heavy sauces can be loaded with calories and sodium. Choose lean protein entrees. Also, think about preparing healthy choices to take to parties. Then you could always eat what you brought if there are no other options.
  3. Limit alcohol intake. Alcohol beverages often have loads of sugar, carbs and calories. If you must, stick to a two-drink limit and opt for low-calorie versions.
  4. Don’t graze. Situate yourself away from the buffet table to prevent grazing on food when you are not actually hungry anymore.
  5. Get plenty of rest and a good night’s sleep. Feeling tired can be a catalyst for overeating in an attempt to increase energy levels.
  6. Everyone enjoys their favorite holiday menu item. Just remember, consume everything in moderation.

I hope you find these holiday tips helpful. It is a lot easier to avoid putting extra calories on than it is to lose them later. Share some healthy menus with your friends or ask your friends to share their best low-calorie holiday menu item. Don’t forget to continue your fitness routine, whether it be walking your dog, riding a bike, or working out with your friends at a local gym. If you do not have a fitness regimen, now’s a great time to start one for the new year. It’s also a perfect time to get involved in community events. Best of luck this season.


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