Goska’s Liquors Celebrates Nine Decades Of Service


Located in a red house on Leelyn Drive, Goska’s Liquors is older than most people who live in Severna Park. The business just turned 90 years old.

Goska’s wasn’t always a liquor store. When brothers Walter and Alex Goska bought the building from the Kleiss family in 1930, it was a general store.

“We had gas pumps, ice house, feed house, they did butcher – basically everything from A to Z, from candles to canned goods to etc.,” explained Kevin Sosnoski, who runs the store. “So it’s really been a business that’s changed over the years to what it is now.”

In 1933, the repeal of Prohibition meant that the Goska brothers could start selling beer and liquor. Long-forgotten brands such as Gunther and American were the beers of choice.

As Severna Park developed over the years, Goska’s continued business, despite the advent of large grocery stores that displaced many small general stores. When Walter Goska died in the 1950s, his wife, Helen, continued to run the shop with the help of her sister, Eva.

Kevin’s father, Walter Sosnoski, nephew to Helen and Eva, relocated to Severna Park from Arbutus and helped run the store. Walter was the one who helped solidify the store’s place in the community, according to the history provided on the Goska’s website.

“Walter always greeted and thanked every customer that walked in the door,” it recalls. “His appreciation for every customer was genuine and it was his practices that set the standard for Goska's renowned service.”

As a third-generation owner and a resident of Severna Park, Kevin Sosnoski recognizes the importance of being a community-oriented business leader.

“We make you feel welcome when you walk in the door,” he said. “We help you along the line with your purchase if you have any questions. I have an extremely knowledgeable, friendly staff.”

Over the years, the staff included Kevin’s recently retired brother, Michael; mom, Emilie; sister, Carol; Michael’s wife, Debbie Sosnoski; and Kevin’s brother-in-law, Tom Mullen.

Recognizing the importance of reinvesting dollars in the community, Goska’s Liquors supports local organizations and charities throughout the year. Some groups that the store has supported are Providence Center, SPAN, the VFW, the Elks club and Green Hornets.

Goska’s Liquors is located at 501 Leelyn Drive in Severna Park and is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00am to 8:00pm and Sunday from 8:00am to 6:00pm. For more information, visit www.goskas.com or call 410-647-4041.

“It’s something that should be celebrated,” Sosnoski said of the 90-year milestone. “It doesn’t happen very often.”


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