Fellner Legal Services Is Committed To Community Values


Behind each neighborhood in Severna Park is a community association that strives to make their section of the community great. The staff at Fellner Legal Services is dedicated to helping these community associations achieve their goals.

Fellner Legal Services is a community association law firm that represents condos and homeowner associations (HOA) throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C.

“Having the opportunity to serve clients like this and understand their different needs gives me an advantage and allows me to solve their problems a little bit more expeditiously,” said Brian Fellner, who opened the firm in July of 2018.

Fellner and his legal assistant, Sherelle Morton-Bey, work hard to ensure their clients’ needs are met.

“I think I prefer the smaller size,” said Morton-Bey about working for Fellner Legal Services. “I like for it to be a two-person firm. It's small, it's just us, and I feel really included.”

Fellner was working with a Teach For America program when he decided to go to law school.

“I call myself an example of bad process, good results,” he said. “There wasn’t a brilliant thought process about it. I look back and I've been practicing law for about 13 years and it's a good fit for me.”

After practicing community association law with another firm for seven years, Fellner decided to open his own firm.

“I had a vision about what I wanted to say, and I wanted my messaging to be a little bit different, a little bit unique,” said Fellner. “It seemed like a good opportunity to do that and be able to talk directly to clients.”

In addition to directly communicating with clients, Fellner writes educational blog posts for his website. These posts are a part of his overall goal to prevent conflict.

“All of what I talk about in my blog posts is about governance,” said Fellner, who prides himself in his ability to litigate and write policy. “It's about policies, good board practice, or communicating notices to owners. That's one thing that I really like that drew me to opening my own office, so I can give that commentary because I feel like I have a really specific voice that I like to use.”

Fellner said his firm has a core system of beliefs that he hopes will benefit his clients.

“My firm has a motto and its ‘service, success, simple,’” said Fellner. “All three of those concepts are very important to me.”

Service, which is included in the firm’s name, represents Fellner’s dedication to his clients and the community.

While many lawyers measure success in court, Fellner said he would prefer to set good policy and avoid the courtroom. His definition of success is good policy that creates a mutual understanding between community associations and residents.

Legal jargon can be confusing, so Fellner prides himself on making things simple for clients.

Fellner encourages his clients to take a similar approach.

“One of my favorite terms is ‘good governance,’” said Fellner. “I represent associations as opposed to individuals fighting associations. I try to not just be the one who is fighting on their behalf, but to keep them out of those fights in the first place. That’s really what they’re doing. They’re governing whatever their association is.”

Fellner strives to help his clients serve their communities in the most efficient and mutually beneficial way.

“I love my job because I get to help people,” said Fellner. “Being a lawyer doesn’t always feel that way and every day of it doesn't always feel that way. Having this firm and being able to see that what we do benefits these communities helps them and steers them right.”

For more information about Fellner Legal Services, call 443-906-0117, email bfellner@flslawyer.com or visit www.flslawyer.com.


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