Experience The Art Of Expression At Creative Force Dance Center


Creative Force Dance Center is dedicated to offering the highest quality dance instruction in a professional and nurturing environment.

Catering to boys, girls, men and women of all interest and ability levels, the center offers both recreational and competitive programs and also offers specialized programs for students with disabilities.

“The biggest thing that I feel is important, and what makes us different from any other studio, is that our main focus is that anybody should have the opportunity to learn the art of dance,” said Tammy DePascal, the owner and Creative Force Dance Company director. “We work really hard to build a safe nurturing environment for folks in our studio. When anyone enters our facility, kids feel safe and free to express themselves.”

No matter the age or experience, Creative Force Dance Center aims to inspire confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and commitment through recreational and competitive programs for students of all ages and abilities. The goal is to educate students in a variety of styles of dance, exploring and combining both the mastery of movement and the artistry of expression.

“It’s definitely not a cookie-cutter approach,” said DePascal. “There are classes we offer that you just won’t find at other places. We have 15 teachers at our studio, so there are a lot of different people who can teach a lot of different things.”

Along with its regular classes, the center also offers classes throughout the summer and a variety of camps.

“We have six weeks of classes and we usually have three to four weeks of camp as well - full-day, half-day - and usually, one week that is intensive for the serious dancers,” said DePascal.

It’s never too late to sign up, as classes remain open all season long. The goal is to find the best all-around fit for each student, and class placement is based on a variety of factors including age, experience and ability. No matter what, though, anyone and everyone has an opportunity to dance at Creative Force Dance Center.

“Our biggest thing is inclusion,” said DePascal. “We have kids with physical limitations or special needs; in our environment, everyone has the opportunity to learn the art of dance and it’s amazing.

“When you demonstrate empathy and inclusive behavior, the kids and students look to emulate what they see the adults do,” added DePascal. “It’s all part of what goes on at CFDC!”

Creative Force Dance Center is located at 570 F Ritchie Highway. Find the center online at www.creativeforcedance.com, call 410-431-7018 or email info@creativeforcedance.com.


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