A Community Classic Returns


In this unusual time in our history, we have socially distanced ourselves so much from our neighbors that we may have missed the opportunity to truly connect with one another. At the Severna Park Community Center, we believe that a part of our mission is to make it possible for people to connect in a meaningful way.

Social distance — this is pretty much an oxymoron, if you stop and think about it. Webster’s Dictionary defines the adjective “social” as follows:

  1. Marked by or passed in pleasant companionship with friends or associates.
  2. Of or relating to human society – the interaction of the individual and the group.

It’s hard to imagine being social and also being distant! We live to connect, and after so many months of carefully socially distancing, SPCC is hoping to provide a way for our friends to connect in “pleasant companionship with friends or associates” once again.

There will still be masks - sorry. And no hugs – unfortunately. But it does mean that we believe we’ve found a safe way to bring back a fan favorite – our classic spaghetti dinner. This year, Ledo Pizza Severna Park has stepped forward to sponsor this family-centered event, and we’ve found a way to make this favorite fundraiser work for all friends of the center.

If you’re ready to come back to the Andy Borland Gymnasium for this delicious dinner on November 7, 2020 – know that you will sit with only your family at your table. Tables will be spread out, to allow tons of space for safety, while still providing you a chance to once again see your neighbors. All safety precautions will be in place, including servers in masks and gloves, and lots of distance between you and others.

And if you’re not yet ready to sit inside, Ledo Pizza will offer a takeout option for this classic dinner event. That’s right – you can support the center and pick up your dinner at the restaurant.

“We have all been socially distant for so long now, Ledo Pizza Severna Park is excited to support this event that returns to an in-person tradition, the all-time favorite spaghetti dinner,” said Ledo Pizza owner Martin Gorman. “For more than 20 years, we have been a part of this event, and we can’t wait to see everyone again!”

Come back to the Severna Park Community Center. Come back for companionship. Come back for that delicious spaghetti sauce. Just come back. We know your neighbors have missed you. We have too.


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