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As I have explained to Peggy in previous conversations, 5G is no more harmful than the TVs you watch, the light you see from your light fixture, and even the water you drink. Everything emits RF, but what makes it harmful is when it is ionizing radiation, which doesnt happen until above about 500 petahertz(PHz). 500PHz is about 500 million times higher of a frequency than what 5G is planning on using. Water vapor emits signals at about 24GHz and yet you do not feel any ill effects. 5G is planning to use frequencies in this area for its communications, so we will all be okay. The real concern is that NOAAs satellites use the resonant frequency of water to better predict our weather patterns. With the implementation of 5G, our ability to predict weather will be severely handicapped.

From: The Great Small-Cell Debate

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