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July 24, 2019

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Tai Chi for Health & Wellness

12:00 AM
Tired of achy joints and losing your balance? Want to reduce inflammation? Improve these and reduce stress, gain more energy, better your sleep, and enhance your quality of life through regular Tai …

Joe Romano's "What is MAGIC?"

10:30 AM
Secrets of magic are explained using science, math, and art during magician Joe Romano’s exciting interactive program, “What is MAGIC?” Each child can take home tricks that will …

Yoga in the Park

1:00 PM
Yoga in the Park. Park Headquarters Lobby. All ages. Join Park Ranger Toscana for one hour of beginner yoga in the lobby. All ages and experience levels welcome. Bring a towel, mat, and water. RSVP required to Rain or …

Dinner Under The Stars

6:00 PM
Wednesday nights on West Street are a vibrant scene of dining, craft beers, dancing, fine wines and a sense of community. On Wednesdays in the summertime, participating restaurants open extended …