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9 Questions: Tex and Margy Teixeira

Dylan Roche
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September 8, 2011

By John Singleton

Mark Teixeira was raised in Severna Park by his parents Tex and Margy Teixeira. After attending Benfield Elementary School and Severna Park Middle School, Mark went on to graduate from Mount St. Joseph High School in Baltimore. Today, Tex and Margy Teixeira remain active members of the local community including at Our Lady of the Fields Catholic Church.


Q1: What’s special about raising kids in Severna Park?

A1: Severna Park is a wonderful place to raise children. The community is very supportive of kids and their activities and the opportunities for the children to be involved in various clubs, sports and organizations are always outstanding.

Q2: What was your parenting style with Mark and his sister Elizabeth?

A2: We were always very supportive of our children. We encouraged them to try new things, to always work hard at what they started and to never give up no matter how frustrated they might become.

Q3: Do you have any tips for raising well adjusted children?

A3: The most important part of raising children is to make sure they know how much you love them. Some times that means “tough love” but they will always respect that level of authority if they know it comes from your heart.

Q4: How important is faith to your family?

A4: Without God, his graces and blessings, we could never accomplish anything in this world. To his glory are all our efforts focused. He calls us to love one another and to teach our kids to love him as his son has loved us.

Q5: Do you have a special memory of the Green Hornets?

A5: The Green Hornets program always provided our children with great opportunities, not just from a sports standpoint, but from a community standpoint. The friendships we made with other sports parents last to this very day and retelling old game stories is always fun.

Q6: Did Mark have musical or other hobbies growing up?

A6: Mark always enjoyed music and took piano lessons when he was growing up. His favorite song was “The Marine Corp Hymn”. He still enjoys all kinds of music today and shares that passion with his family.

Q7: What are your impressions of Mount St. Joseph High School?

A7: It is a tremendous place for our young sons to get both an outstanding education and learn to live a life filled with faith and service. To this day Mark will tell you that Mount Saint Joe’s was the single biggest influence on his life, setting a standard for excellence that continued for him into college at Georgia Tech and into professional baseball.

Q8: Mark may have led the league in home runs and been an All-Star 1st baseman for many years but he has stayed involved locally, especially at Mount St. Joe’s.

A8: After signing his first major league contract, Mark set up a scholarship at MSJ in honor of a friend who was killed in a car accident. He remains an active alumni, leading their Capital Campaign – “Turning Mount Men into Men That Matter” and is always interested in what’s going on at home.

Q9: Tell me about your grandchildren.

A9: Mark and his wife Leigh have three children - Jack (5), Addison (3) and Will (9 months in May). Our daughter Elizabeth Durastanti and her husband Nick have one child Anna with their second due in June 2011.

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