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  • Before auditioning for “The Voice” Taylor Brown sang at Greek Sings, a sorority and fraternity dance competition hosted at Towson University.
    Photo courtesy of Taylor Brown
    Before auditioning for “The Voice” Taylor Brown sang at Greek Sings, a sorority and fraternity dance competition hosted at Towson University.

Where Are They Now? Auditioning For Reality TV

Alena Carhart
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March 7, 2017

Taylor Brown Of SPHS’ Class Of 2013 Seized The Chance To Audition For NBC’s “The Voice”

Approximately 5,000 people auditioned on February 25 at the Baltimore Convention Center for their shot at music stardom, and of those vocalists, only 10 were selected. Severna Park High School alumnus Taylor Brown (class of 2013) grasped the opportunity to audition for NBC’s hit TV show “The Voice.”

“I was like, ‘If it’s in Baltimore, why wouldn't I audition?’” expressed Brown.

In the course of his high school career, Brown actively performed with vocal ensemble, and he participated in “Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival” and “Les Miserables.” Before he got involved with the thespian troupe, he joined chorus his freshman year. That’s when music teacher Kathy Gabriele saw potential in him.

“She told me that if I did this and that with my voice, that I could go from here to here, and I started to see that,” said Brown, who studied music at University of Maryland Baltimore County after graduating from SPHS. “I got really into making music, composing music, the software, and because of the music training she has been giving me, I’m able to make my own stuff.”

Prior to the audition, Brown sent in prescreens of him singing, along with his online application. The talent producers later emailed him to say they were pleased with his online audition and encouraged him to follow up at the live auditions.

“To figure out which song I should sing, I went to a lot of karaoke bars to practice singing in front of people and to gauge the reaction of my audience in order to pick the best song,” recalled Brown, who settled on “Make Me Cry” by Noah Cyrus as his audition song.

The waiting process exceeded about four hours, all to sing only 30 seconds of a song. The singers were then compiled into groups of 10 as producers called rows into the audition room.

“While we were sitting in the chairs, we could interact with each other and practice audition songs,” Brown said. “Then, when my row got called, we went into the audition room and one by one sang a short snippet of our audition song.”

Brown did not advance to make it onto the show, but no one he met made it either. He did enjoy meeting the other singers, who ranged in age from 14 to 50. “Everyone was different,” he said. “Some people had just started singing; some people had been singing their whole lives. Everyone was so encouraging and uplifting. There was absolutely no negativity.”

Only about a quarter of a percent of singers advanced to the blind auditions, which are broadcast on TV. Despite being denied from the show, Brown will be back.

“I met so many talented people, and there was so much creativity in one room. I’m definitely trying out next year,” stated Brown, who plans to add music to SoundCloud and experiment with different instruments. “My next step is to learn guitar and reach out to some open mic nights. And we’ll see where it goes from there.”

He encourages anyone who’s interested in singing to take a leap of faith and audition for “The Voice” because it’s a positive experience. “Believe in yourself and be confident in your song choice,” he suggested. “Don’t keep to yourself, talk to people and see what they have to say. If you get turned down, don’t give up!”

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